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Dan Quinn

steviej : 9/20/2020 4:39 pm
I’d fire his ass in 10 minutes !! Worst coach in league !!
The Falcons sure do find weird ways to lose.  
81_Great_Dane : 9/20/2020 4:50 pm : link
At some point, yes, that's on the coach.
At least the ST coach  
kennyd : 9/20/2020 4:59 pm : link
He shouldn't even be allowed on the plane. How the hell do your ST players not know to jump on that!?!?!?
The guy has so many amazingly stupid decisions in his career  
sb from NYT Forum : 9/20/2020 5:58 pm : link
...yet the Falcons keep him year after year.

He should have been fired after SB 49.
It was like they had 3 guys named Cam watching the ball roll 10 yds.  
Spider56 : 9/20/2020 6:05 pm : link
Inexcusable ... actually it was insane.
Worse was that ...  
morrison40 : 9/20/2020 8:09 pm : link
The ball was moving so damn slow, maybe they were hypnotized !
Yeah, he is  
Anakim : 9/20/2020 8:10 pm : link
Matt Patricia has also got to be up there
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