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Post-Game Press Conference: CB James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2020 5:46 pm
NYG Postgame (at Bears) Transcripts: CB James Bradberry

September 20, 2020

Q: Hey James, can you describe to us how you made that interception? And what did you think of the defense’s overall day, plus and minus?

A: Well, I was in man-to-man on that side of the field. He gave me an outside release, I tried to get hands on him at the line, then I felt the ball in the air – of course, I didn’t see it because I had my eyes on him – and I was going to make a play through his arms and I just happened to be in the right spot at the right time. I was able to get one hand on it and pull it through as I came to the ground. Overall as a defense and as our performance went, I feel like we played really well in the second half. We’ve just got to start off faster in the first half, that’s all that is.

Q: James, you’re obviously the most established corner in the secondary. Any surprise that teams keep kind of keep going at you this early in the season?

A: No, not really. I mean, I was matched on their best receiver, their go-to guy, so you know in critical moments they’re going to go to their go-to guy. Especially when you have a young quarterback, he wants to go to his playmaker.

Q: How much do you relish that if you know they are going to go after you?

A: It’s whatever to me, I know I’m going to have my opportunities. I just know I have to make the most of my opportunities and my goal is to make sure he doesn’t have a catch at the end of the day.

Q: Was that your first interception where you probably didn't even see the ball in the air?

A: Yes sir, I think so. Yeah.

Q: What was it like when [Running Back] Saquon [Barkley] had to be helped off the field after he hurt his knee?

A: Of course, your heart stops for a minute, but we really don’t know the verdict of [RB] Saquon’s [Barkley] injury right now, so prayers up to him and we’re hoping for the best.

Q: It seemed like the defense really turned it around in the second half. What triggered that and what was the mood like in the locker room at halftime?

A: We just knew we had to make a play on defense. We had to come out there, we had to stand up and make sure the offense knew that we had their back. We were going to get the ball back to them. Pretty much just a fighting mentality.

Q: Did [Head Coach] Joe [Judge] or [Defensive Coordinator] Pat [Graham] or somebody step up at halftime and deliver some sort of message because it seemed like just the entire vibe of the team was different coming out of halftime?

A: No, I mean it’s not really a message or anything. It’s moreso the players coming together. We’re all we got when we go on the field, so we just had to talk with each other and we knew we had to make a play. And that’s everybody’s mentality when we step on the field, we’ve got to make a play, we’ve got to come back and win this game.

Q: James, there are no moral victories and you guys lost Saquon today and you’re 0-2, but going forward as a team, can you take anything out of the second half at least as far as how you came together, how you played as a team in the second half?

A: Well, I can only speak for the defense and I know that as a defender being on our defense, we feel like a dominant defense. I feel like we showed that in the second half and that’s going to be our mindset from this point on every time we go on the field, just be dominant and do what we did today in the second half.

Q: I saw you throw your hands on your head like you couldn’t believe that the offensive lineman caught that fourth down pass. How did you guys bounce back there because if you give up another first down there the game’s over?

A: Yeah, I was surprised that the lineman caught the ball. They got lucky right there, but like I said, you’ve got to make a play in critical moments. We knew we had to line up and we had to fight for another four downs, and that’s our mentality. No matter what the situation is, we’re going to fight every play.

Q: You guys are 0-2. How do you bounce back from that just because – I’m sure you’ve seen over the years – there’s some pretty devastating stats about 0-2 starts and teams going to the playoffs? How do you put that out of your mind?

A: I try to create my own history. I know we’re 0-2, but we still have 14 games left. We’re just going to move onto the next game and try to win the first one.
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