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NFT: Emmy Thread. Schitts Creek?

oghwga : 9/20/2020 8:50 pm
Anyone ever seen it? Spoiler alert

It's winning a lot.
I watched  
Jon in NYC : 9/20/2020 8:51 pm : link
3 episodes didnt laugh once. People love it, I thought it sucked.
MOOPS : 9/20/2020 8:52 pm : link
Whatever they get they earned.
RE: I watched  
robbieballs2003 : 9/20/2020 8:57 pm : link
In comment 14979404 Jon in NYC said:
3 episodes didnt laugh once. People love it, I thought it sucked.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2020 8:59 pm : link
wife loves it. I don't. Weird because we usually agree on shows.
I liked the first couple of seasons  
steve in ky : 9/20/2020 9:01 pm : link
For me it then started to go down hill, and this last season stunk.
Not for everyone  
Daniel in MI : 9/20/2020 9:01 pm : link
Starts as a fish out of water story. The characters grow on you and grow into the town. Took a bit but I began to really like it by the end.
it's like scotch IMO  
pjcas18 : 9/20/2020 9:06 pm : link
it's an acquired taste (or not).

I like Eugene Levy, so I stuck with it and wound up "acquiring the taste" for it and the other characters do grow on you.

not sure it's award worthy though - who were the other nominees?

christian : 9/20/2020 9:06 pm : link
It took me a few episodes, but I really warmed up to it, and love it.
I think the good place  
oghwga : 9/20/2020 9:14 pm : link
Should have won but I never saw Schitts Creek. The Good Place is in my all time top ten. Great Show.
I think Schitt's Creek is hilarious  
sb from NYT Forum : 9/20/2020 9:39 pm : link
GF and I found it hilarious  
Steve L : 9/21/2020 6:37 am : link
Deserving of everything it won.
I loved it  
GiantsLaw : 9/21/2020 9:20 am : link
but the last season was horrendous
I liked the first season,  
Section331 : 9/21/2020 10:30 am : link
but it lost me after that. I don’t get the hype, and I’m a big fan of Eugene Levy and Maureen O’Hara.
my wife likes it  
UConn4523 : 9/21/2020 10:36 am : link
it isn't for me.

No idea why Atypical wasn't even nominated. It could easily have won best comedy show, or performances by Keir Gilchrist (lead actor) or Bridgette Lundy Paine (supporting actress).
One of the funniest  
Josh in the City : 9/21/2020 10:52 am : link
shows on TV.
Prob so fun for Eugene that he gets to work with his  
JayBinQueens : 9/21/2020 11:03 am : link
family on the show. David & Twyla are played by his actual kids.
I havent seen the last season yet...  
Kevin999 : 9/21/2020 4:12 pm : link
but loved it so far.
Its ok it not his wife, its his sister!
I like it a lot.  
Mad Mike : 9/21/2020 4:23 pm : link
I'm not up to date, but I've heard that from people that this most recent season was very good.
Wife and I tried it a while ago  
BrianLeonard23 : 9/21/2020 5:55 pm : link
We both hated it.
It takes a little while to get into it  
Dave in PA : 9/21/2020 6:23 pm : link
But the wife and I binged SC at the start of quarantine. Really took our minds off of the news, which was nice.
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