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Who replaces Barkley on the active roster?

GeofromNJ : 9/20/2020 9:37 pm
Do they promote Rod Smith who's 28, 6'3", but nothing special? Bring back Javon Leake whom they thought well of during camp? Claim another team's practice squad player? Sign a street player? Sandro Platzgummer is not eligible for the active roster this year.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2020 9:43 pm : link
Leake didn't even make it to the last round of cuts. I'm not sure where this "they thought well of him" narrative is coming from.

BleedBlue : 9/20/2020 9:46 pm : link
Devont freeman
RE: ....  
Ned In Atlanta : 9/20/2020 10:46 pm : link
In comment 14979504 BleedBlue said:
Devont freeman

Be curious to see if he gets a call
I wanted Conner so bad in round 3,  
Rico : 9/20/2020 11:16 pm : link
and we effing took Davis Webb! :-(
Rod Smith looked special when he played against us.  
Rico : 9/20/2020 11:20 pm : link
But we do have a way of making guys look better than they actually are. Having said that, I'm excited to see him get a chance. He is a big bruising back which we haven't seen in a while.
Next man up would be  
morrison40 : 9/20/2020 11:47 pm : link
Rod Smith....?
Earlier today, Wayne Gallman was a healthy scratch.  
BlueLou'sBack : 9/20/2020 11:53 pm : link
So far as "active" goes, it's his turn to be a #1 RB.

I hope he steps up into the role. He's an FA next year, so he's got to be VERY motivated to earn himself some dough.
RE: I wanted Conner so bad in round 3,  
Paulie Walnuts : 9/21/2020 12:19 am : link
In comment 14979609 Rico said:
and we effing took Davis Webb! :-(
Anyone they bring is going to need to get up to speed  
BH28 : 9/21/2020 12:56 am : link
So Lewis and Gallman are obvious to step in with Rod Smith being called up from PS. I think Leake gets signed to the practice squad.

If the Giants sign a vet, they are going to have to add him to the active roster and you cant really expect a lot of contribution right away.

So if you sign a vet you run the risk of making him inactive for the week where as with Smith you could roll three deep. I doubt Judge wants two active RBs again.
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