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Post-Game Press Conference: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/27/2020 7:14 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. 49ers) Transcripts: TE Evan Engram

September 27, 2020

Q: What happened on the end around with the fumble?

A: Just didn’t execute it. Worked on it all week. Got the ball moving early. Just shooting ourselves in the foot, not executing.

Q: When you work on something like that to unveil it and you wait for the right time to pull the trigger on it and it doesn’t work, is that a little deflating?

A: Yeah, it was an offensive play that we didn’t execute.

Q: We just spoke to Leonard Williams and he was saying he thinks you guys are right there, that you’re close. There’s just a few small details that need to be cleaned up. I’m curious, do you agree with that? You just lost 36-9 to a team who obviously suffered a lot of injuries.

A: Yeah, that’s our mentality. We can’t walk around here and come to work each and every day not feeling confident about ourselves and not coming in with a clear mind towards getting better. Today didn’t end up the way we wanted it. Obviously, there are things we have to clean up and be better at. We’re not going to feel bad four ourselves. We’re definitely not going to doubt ourselves. We’re going to continue to work and answer towards this adversity.

Q: You didn’t run a play in the red zone. Once you got in field goal territory, why did you have such trouble finishing the drives?

A: Comes down to execution. Comes down to winning our situations. Winning first down, winning third downs. Keeping the mistakes down, the penalties. We just didn’t execute.

Q: You’ve been here in your career before, probably too often, with a couple different coaches, a couple different teams. Does this feel any different? Is there more optimism that you guys can get this turned around than last year, the year before, the year before that?

A: That’s just how this team is built. That’s how I’m built. Like I said, there is no feeling sorry for ourselves for this team. We still have opportunities left. We have a new opponent next week that we can come out and answer again. That’s our focus right now. We’re going to watch the tape, clean up our mistakes and continue to work and try to get this thing going.

Q: At 0-3 coming off a loss that feels a little bit like a step back, how do you keep a young team from not feeling sorry for itself?

A: Honestly, I think that has to do with the locker room. The leaders in the locker room. Coming to work each and every day, it’s a new page, a new opponent. We have to throw this one in the trash. Like I said, we’re going to learn from the mistakes. Learn from the things we didn’t do well today. Continue to work and continue to keep a positive mindset at work and get better each and every day.

Q: As one of the older guys in that locker room, what do you say to the young guys? What’s your message to keep guys invested with another 0-3 start?

A: It’s adversity. Every single one of us throughout our career and paths to where we are now has experienced adversity. We all know it’s an opportunity to grow, it’s an opportunity to get better, it’s an opportunity to overcome whatever obstacle is in our way. We have an obstacle in our way right now. I think all of us can relate to continue to stay the course and working hard to overcome adversity that presents itself.

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is completely defeated.
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