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Transcript: CB James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/28/2020 5:52 pm
CB James Bradberry

September 28, 2020

Q: It seems like you’ve really elevated your game the last couple of weeks. What’s gone into that and are you surprised quarterbacks keep throwing your way?

A: What goes into it, I would say the start of the week. The coaches come in with a game plan. They might add or subtract throughout the week. They put together a good game plan for us going into Sunday. I watch film, prepare throughput the week, practice hard. Just try to execute when I get out there on the field. Am I surprised by quarterbacks attacking? Not really, when you follow guys, you primarily try to follow the top receiver. What comes with that is usually a lot of throws your way to get the receiver their touches. I’m not surprised.

Q: Did you travel a lot with Carolina. Is this something that’s new in New York?

A: I traveled a little bit when I was in Carolina. It’s not really new to me.

Q: When you guys have a second half as a defense like you did in this game, it’s tempting to say sometimes, hey we’re close, it’s just going to take a few things here and there. Isn’t it healthier sometimes to say, ‘wow this is not us, we are far away’ and sound the alarm so you can get back to your level?

A: The coaches and the players do a good job of holding everyone accountable with their jobs and what they are asked to do. It’s just about us taking it day by day trying to get better day in day out. Like you said, put those little pieces in place so the bigger picture is successful once we get to Sunday and we’re able to do our job and complete it. Holding each other accountable, that’s the start of it.

Q: What’s the mood of the team today after yesterday’s defeat?

A: Of course, initially you’re sad that you come in from a loss. We’re just moving on to the next week, moving on to the Rams. That’s our main focus, try to get a win when we face them.

Q: You faced this offense all training camp. Are you surprised your team’s offense is struggling? Or did you know from a defensive standpoint when you take away a great player like Saquon, this happens?

A: I try not get involved in too much or even try to peak down there and try to give my judgement on what the offense is doing. I know we have elite talent and we’re able to make plays. I know they’re going to fix whatever they need to fix on their side of the ball. We have things on our side of the ball that we need to fix as well. That’s our goal and that’s all I’m worried about, fixing what we have to do on defense.

Q: Do you ever take a look at the standings and say you’re 0-3 but only a game out of first place?

A: No, my mindset is whoever we’re facing that week. Try to play to the best of my ability and get a win, help the team get a win that Sunday. I don’t really look at the standings too much, I just take it week by week, like I said. We’re facing the Rams this week and that’s what my focus is on.

Q: You talk about things you guys need to fix on defense, one of those is getting off the field on third down. Just curious what you’re seeing on third downs, why you guys are struggling to get off the field in that situation?

A: I would say when it boils down to it, just executing whatever call is made by the coach. We’re not doing a good job of executing. Players have to play, and we have to be the ones that make the plays on the field. We haven’t been doing that on third down, me, myself included. We have to come in Wednesday, well, you start Tuesday really watching film, and try to get a head start on the Rams. Come in Wednesday and practice hard and go from there.
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