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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Joe Judge

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/11/2020 9:58 pm
NYG Postgame (at Cowboys) Transcripts: Head Coach Joe Judge

October 11, 2020

Opening Statement:

We knew coming down here it was going to be a 60-minute battle and obviously it was. We’ve got to do some things and clean some things up. I’m going to reserve several comments until I see them on tape completely. Before I get too much into football with the game itself, rivalry or not, all of our thoughts and prayers go out to [Cowboys QB] Dak Prescott. Tremendous amount of respect for him as a player and even more as a person. You don’t want to see anybody get hurt. Obviously, that was a bad looking injury. Our players were concerned about him, our coaching staff were all concerned about him. We hope for the best recovery he can have. With that said, I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: You slammed your headset down on the fake that should've worked but didn’t. Did you not like the call, did you not like the execution and just the loss of having a touchdown that you had taken off the board there?

A: To be honest with you, I was mad at our execution that took points off the board. That was it, point blank. You prepare for something like that, you call it at a certain time, it came up, you want to see it work. We’ve got to clean that up.

Q: Was that your punter getting a little too quick on the draw or was it all on the line there?

A: It’s a combination of several things. We have to be better as a unit and make sure we execute that the right way.

Q: You were pretty good with penalties all year and then you had two touchdowns taken away by them in this game. How much does that sting?

A: Yeah, you know we have to be better than that with the penalties. I’m not going to get into too much of a debate with the officials. They call it, we’ve got to be better than that, we’ve got to be cleaner than that. It comes down to the best technique we can play with to make sure we’re in the right place at the right time and not put ourselves in a position to get penalties. You never want to do anything to set your team behind and penalties never help you out, so we’ve got to be cleaner with that.

Q: On the [Quarterback] Daniel Jones’ fumble, do you blame him or do you put more on [Offensive Tackle] Andrew Thomas for allowing that sack from behind?

A: Obviously, I saw some of that live. My eyes are not always directly on Daniel the entire time, so I’ve got to look at the tape before I go back and talk with the team exactly what to clean up there. We’ve got to make sure we eliminate those.

Q: The last time you guys had the ball there trying to go down and score but also not leave them too much time in case you had to punt, how do you manage that situation?

A: We had a situation where we were trying to get out of bounds. Obviously, they had timeouts, but look, we were trying to be aggressive to get down the field. We knew the situation, wanted to get a first down, give ourselves a chance to get in field goal range and win the game. There’s different ways of managing it and you match different ways in different games. We always talk through those decisions, we’re on the headsets together, making sure we’re on the same page. Look, we’ve got to play all three sides of the ball, complementary football, so in that position there, offense we want to execute, special teams – if we don’t get it – we need to flip the field and get position, the punt team did that all day pretty good, and then defensively we need to go out there and execute in the position we’re presented.

Q: With [Linebacker] Lorenzo Carter, they said he had an Achilles injury. How big a concern is it that his season is going to end there?

A: You know what, I don’t have the official diagnosis right now. The trainers have told me that right now they’ve got to examine and get the exact deal, but our thoughts and prayers are with him, as well. I’m hoping that it’s a short-term deal, get him back, and once the doctor knows exactly what it is, we’ll get back to you on the rest of the season.

Q: You had a second touchdown taken away. They called it pass interference, illegal contact, a pick play, whatever you want to term it. What did you see on that and what were your thoughts on that?

A: I want to go back and look at it on tape to see exactly how far downfield we were on the play. To me, on those plays, it’s up to us to execute the right way. We understand there’s some spot routes, some rubs, some friction you’re trying to create for some defensive players based on things they’re doing. That’s up to us to execute the right way, but I’ve got to see that – I didn’t get a clear shot of the replay up top. I want to make sure I get a good shot of that on film before I start making comments.

Q: Their last big pass down the field to [Cowboys Wide Receiver] Michael Gallup, what happened there?

A: They just made a big play. He’s a good receiver, [Cowboys QB] Andy [Dalton] made a great pass, we were in a good position defensively and they made a play. That’s it. They’ve got good players on their team, and they take enough shots downfield and they’ve been making those plays all year. Look, you’ve got to give credit where credit’s due.

Q: On the play before that, did you think [Defensive Lineman] B.J. Hill was held? And after Dak went down, what did you think of your defense’s performance?

A: In terms of the holding, again, if the officials call it, I’m not going to get into a debate or any kind of public scrutiny of that right there. It is what it is, we’ve got to play through the situation of what it is. When Andy came in, I mean Andy is obviously a very capable quarterback, he’s done a good job for some time. He actually complements their offense very well behind Dak because he's a guy who's got some ability, he can get on the edge, he can run the boots, they don’t have to change their offense too much with Andy. I thought we did a decent job as far as stopping the run at certain times; other times, we let up too much. We’ve got to make sure we fix the run game first and make sure we’re more consistent with that. And then they made some plays down the field and they’ve got talented receivers. We’ve got to do a better job just finishing up games.

Q: Obviously your record is not what you want it to be. I’m wondering, though, have you seen progress that’s acceptable to you at all so far this season or does that not matter when you’re 0-5?

A: Well, that’s all that really matters, to be honest with you, the progress that we’re making right now. The record will come in time. Obviously, we’re not happy about losses, that’s not what we do here, but I’ve seen a lot of progress on all fronts and all units. We have to keep making consistent progress to keep being a better team as the year goes.

Q: Let me ask you about [Tight End] Evan Engram and the way that you used him today – some creative ways to get the ball to Evan. Is that kind of the way you hope to use him going forward?

A: Yeah, that’s every week. Everyone that we take to the game, we’re looking to use. Evan’s definitely a player we want to have involved in the game plan as much as we can, whether that’s handing him the ball or using some kind of misdirection or throwing the ball down the field. Look, however [Offensive Coordinator] Jason [Garrett] comes up with a way throughout the week to use him, we practice it, make sure it’s sound and gives us a chance to be successful. So, however we get the ball to our guys, we’ll use him any way possible.

Q: Jason Garrett really seemed to open up the playbook today. Talk about his offensive plan today, and your offensive line and what you saw.

A: I thought overall Jason put together a good, aggressive game plan. We were taking shots down the field, our guys made plays, we put them in a position to go out there and win a football game. Overall, I’ve got to watch the tape, but I liked the way we called the game today. It was aggressive, we gave our guys shots down the field and guys made plays when we needed them to.

Q: You guys haven’t won a game, you were up 17-3, you were up by three points midway through the fourth quarter. What’s the mood of this team right now and what was the locker room like?

A: Look, obviously they’re disappointed after any game where we don’t come out winners, but one thing I know about our team is it’s a resilient group and it’s a hard-working bunch. We’ll come back to work this week, we’re going to see great energy, we’re going to have great focus and we’re going to get tuned in and ready for another division opponent. All of our focus, whether it’s win or loss, shifts to the next opponent the next morning anyway, so we’ve got to clean up this game, get ready for the next opponent and move on forward.
I know the reporters read bbi  
Jim in Forest Hills : 10/11/2020 10:02 pm : link
Can someone ask about using dion lewis?
Questions for Joe Judge  
M.S. : 10/11/2020 10:20 pm : link

When you preside over a losing team that has been losing for so long, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Can you actually identify winning football players on your team, or players who might one day attain that status? Or do you just over haul the entire roster again and start anew in 2021?
Starting to sound like Shurmur  
Dinger : 10/11/2020 10:47 pm : link
if your guys aren't executing and its not the officials fault then change the player. Send a message to your 0 and 5 team! If its the players you need to call them on it and sit them. You dont have anyone on this team who is good enough not to sit. And if your worried that the next guy up is going to cause a loss don't worry cause your starters can't win.
Guys are working hard blah blah blah  
Johnny5 : 10/11/2020 11:17 pm : link
We are working hard in practice blah blah blah
Lots of correctable blah blah blah

The Giants have  
rocco8112 : 10/12/2020 9:44 am : link
to win next week
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