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Transcript: G Will Hernandez

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/15/2020 4:33 pm
G Will Hernandez

October 15, 2020

Q: Andrew Thomas has struggled at times this season. You’re next to him every play. Do you see him pressing at times during games? Are there ways you can communicate to him, maybe ease him?
A: Andrew’s doing a great job. He’s improving every single week. He’s taking every single coaching point that he’s given after every week. Of course, just like everybody else, you have mistakes, you mess up on things, you don’t execute things at times. Everybody has that. Every single body that’s ever on the field has those problems. What’s cool about him is that he learns from them every week. He corrects his mistakes, he corrects the technique and he gets better at it. That’s something we really like about Andrew, is he takes coaching very well.

Q: One third of your wins since you came in the NFL have come against Washington. What is it about that team that you guys have been able to find success against them, and really not anybody else in the league?
A: That starts with them being somebody in our division. We play every game to win. We’ve had success, and all we want to do now is just focus on keeping that success, getting our first win and piling them on top of that.

Q: Does it help now that you have a little confidence, you have a little history beating these guys, maybe more than last week’s opponent, which you’ve never beaten?
A: Every year is a new year. Every game is a new game, even if it’s the same team. You’re not playing the exact same team every week. It’s going to change. Any team can come out the next week and win. We’re not taking anything from the past into consideration. Every game is a new game, we just have to come out and play to win.

Q: How comfortable are you with the way you guys are running a lot of these counters and powers where you get to pull?
A: I think they’re great. We run great plays. We need to focus better on the execution, but I’m extremely well with anything that they put out there for us to do. Any kind of play, we’ll run it. I’m comfortable with anything, really.

Q: (Marc) Colombo said he thinks you’re one of the best pullers in the league. What do you think makes you good at that?
A: Colombo has played for so long in this league. That’s awesome coming from him. I respect him a lot. We’re just going to keep trying to get better. Just trying to get better at everything, from the things we struggle with to the things that we do well to whatever. We just want to get better at it.

Q: I know they have a new defensive scheme on the other side in Washington, but you are familiar with the personnel up front. I know those guys are good, I know you have a lot of respect for them. I’m curious if familiarity helps with the preparation for this week? Maybe since you guys have seen them, that familiarity on both sides kind of makes for an interesting matchup.
A: Obviously, every year guys get better, guys improve, guys learn new things and new techniques, whatever. But it definitely helps. They can only change so much. They’re not going to completely change their game, so yeah, we are definitely going to see things we’ve seen before. They’re going to make moves that we’ve seen before, so yeah, that’s definitely going to help. We’re just going to try to use that to our advantage.
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