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Win Win at this fulcrum.

Thegratefulhead : 10/18/2020 12:19 pm
Going into this game strangly at peace.

If we win, we could be seeing the beginning of growth.

If we lose, we are truly in the running for Lawrence.

It would be nice to draft the QB everyone covets for a change.

I'm good.
A win  
Scooter185 : 10/18/2020 12:35 pm : link
Is just more fool's gold imo.
I want my team to win  
SteelGiant : 10/18/2020 12:56 pm : link
I always root for them to win and I will be rooting for win again today. What is terrible is I will not get any joy from a win today. I will mean nothing to me. Being 1-5 proves nothing, it just be a win. When the season started I was hoping to see this team make progress and make it to 7-9.

Watching this team right now makes that look like a total pipe dream. I will still root for win you because you cant 7 games without winning 1. Our whole division stinks and being at the bottom of it is just inexcusable.

So Giants - go out there and win for yourselves. It wont mean much to me but I still hold out hope that you make some kind of progress. One game against another terrible team is not going to convince me anything. Hopefully it will wake you up but I will still be in a nightmare as a fan.
Mixed feelings  
5BowlsSoon : 10/18/2020 2:17 pm : link
I loved our offense last year under Shurmur. I hate our offense this year under Garrett.

Last year we had a sucky OL, WRs who were in and out of the lineup, án injured Barkley, and an enigmatic Engram.

This year, we pretty much have the same, only a bunch of new lineman who hopefully can improve with experience, but to me the key factor is Jason Garrett is so much more inferior to Shurmur in calling and designing plays. Jones was throwing gobs to tds and passing for over 300 yards even with a crappy supporting cast last year. This year, no where close to that. Why? THANK YOU JASON GARRETT FOR RUINING DANIEL JONES AND MAKING OUR OFFENSE VANILLA. But, at least you are family.
SteelGiant : 10/18/2020 4:08 pm : link
I was correct, we won and I am still not happy with our performance. I agree 1000% on Garrett. He does DJ no favors. I rather live or die by DJ and see what the kid can do. Bootlegs, move the pocket, be innovative with what he can do. If it is a disaster because of DJ, so be it. At least by the end of the season, you will know what you have.

But this setting up for failure and getting no answers with what he can do.
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