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Post-Game Transcript: CB James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2020 6:41 pm
NYG Postgame (vs Washington Football Team) Transcripts: CB James Bradberry

October 18, 2020

Q: Coach Judge told us the scheme that you played on the two-point conversion was only installed on Friday and sort of polished up on Saturday. How did that come about, I guess? Were you surprised that such a new play was called at such an important spot?

A: It was a new play, but it was similar to another play that we had. For me, my job, it was easy to learn so it wasn’t difficult for me. We have smart guys on our defense. Anytime the coaches come in and give us a new play, something to install, I would say it’s later in the week, I feel like we can obtain it and be able to adjust and execute.

Q: Confidence was high on that two-point conversion? Did you know it was a play you had to run?

A: For sure. We didn’t want to lose at that point.

Q: How big is it for this defense and for your morale to make a play that put you guys ahead with the fumble return for the touchdown? Then made the play that slammed the door shut with the two-point conversion.

A: It was a huge play. Any time you can come out there and get a forced fumble and then get a touchdown. Any time your defense can score, it’s a big momentum swing for your whole team. We needed that at the moment. I’m glad that we made that play.

Q: Take me through the interception. Were you surprised that they kind of threw it right at you?

A: Yeah, I was surprised. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t drop it. That’s kind of why I double caught it. We were in a cover three zone and pretty much took my drop and I was in the right place at the right time.

Q: Back to the two-point conversion. I know you said you kind of had the easy job. Who had the most difficult job in that spot? I assume it had something to do with Dexter Lawrence having to track down that running quarterback?

A: Yeah, any time you have a mobile quarterback that can get out the pocket, it definitely puts stress on the linemen and also on the DB’s. Dex, I feel like he is a great pass rusher, a great defensive lineman. Any time you have a quarterback that’s going to get out of the pocket, I feel like he is going to run him down.

Q: Did you even see that play develop or were you in coverage?

A: No sir, I was in coverage. I was guarding my man, I kept my eyes on my man.

Q: You would take Dex over a running quarterback in this league?

A: Yup, yessir.

Q: Did anybody stand up there and say anything, give coach a game ball or something like that in the locker room? Was it special for you guys to see him get his first win?

A: Yeah, it was definitely special to see him get his first win. It was also my first win as a Giant, so that felt special as well. Of course, we might have poured a little water on a little bit just to celebrate. We were just happy to get the win. There was a lot of celebration going on in there. It was a happy moment.
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