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Transcript: LB Tae Crowder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2020 7:02 pm
NYG Postgame (vs Washington Football Team) Transcripts: LB Tae Crowder

October 18, 2020

Q: Walk us through the fumble recovery, what you’re thinking when you see the ball lying on the ground there, and how the play developed in your mind.

A: I have to say big ups to my teammate Kyler Fackrell for making a big play, a strip-sack on the quarterback and I was in the right place at the right time. Just trying to make a play for my team.

Q: A lot of guys who are picked last in the draft and you get that tag “Mr. Irrelevant”, they don’t do anything in the NFL, they never make a team, they never even make a play, what has your mindset been ever since you got slapped with that tag to get to this point where you’re making this huge play?

A: I took it as motivation. I love the name, I just wanted to get here, get to work with my team. One of my goals for this year was to help the team in any way I can. I thank God for coming to work each day and going to work with my team

Q: You see the block from Cam (Brown) as you were getting close to the goal line?

A: Yes sir I did.

Q: What’d you think of that?

A: After the game, I told him that was great effort. It was just a great play from the defense as a whole.

Q: Do you think you would’ve made it without that block?

A: I think he gave me a great block, I’ll take that.

Q: What’d you do with the football, you still have it?

A: I gave it to the equipment managers, we’ll see what goes on next.

Q: Tae, instinctively when you see that ball, it looked like you may have kicked it at first, do you have the instincts to pick it up again, or were you thinking about diving on it, end the play and give it back to our offense?

A: I wanted to dive on it bad. Like I said, one of my goals was to help the team and I knew if I could scoop it up and get in the endzone it would help the team, and it was something we needed at the moment.

Q: Did Coach Judge actually come up to you after the game and critique the play? He joked with us, or at least I thought he was joking that you should've bent the knees more the first time.

A: After the game, as a team, he congratulated all of us for coming out and never giving up. And coming back each week, after the adversity we faced, and we’re thankful that it paid off today.

Q: You crossed the goal line with three minutes left in a tied game at that time for your first career touchdown, what do you think about after you crossed that goal line?

A: The defense scores, we go back on the field. I got in the endzone, like I said, we were ready to get back on the field. We knew we had to keep making plays. It was a next play mentality.

Q: You never thought, “Wow I just got to score in an NFL game” or anything like that?

A: No, we still had a lot of game to play. Right now, I can soak it in, I’m thankful we got the win today. But at the time, it was next play mentality.

Q: When was the last time you scored a touchdown?

A: In college maybe.

Q: You talked about the mentality of coming back out when the defense scores, and then they came down and scored a touchdown, how hard was it to get things back together there?

A: Big ups to Washington. They came and played a hell of a game. Like I said, we have faced adversity the whole season, so it was next play mentality. We had to stop them on the two point, we got a great stop, and it paid off.

Q: Were you in coverage on the two point conversion?

A: No I wasn’t.
half of me was saying 'just fall on the damn ball' and  
Del Shofner : 10/18/2020 7:06 pm : link
the other half was saying 'go go go' -

That was not an easy pickup and he was a little lucky he got a second bounce that went right into his hands.
RE: half of me was saying 'just fall on the damn ball' and  
Lurts : 10/18/2020 9:43 pm : link
In comment 15013387 Del Shofner said:
the other half was saying 'go go go' -

That was not an easy pickup and he was a little lucky he got a second bounce that went right into his hands.

No luckier than the bounce on Jones' strip sack last week. The Giants were due for one of those.

Crowder did a great job on the interview, sharing credit and talking about keeping his focus.

Was it against the Rams Crowder had an interception overturned? He seems to have a nose for the ball.
One of my pet peeves ...  
Keyser : 10/18/2020 10:03 pm : link
... is when i hear people say "just fall on it". Trying to leap on top of an oblong football while running and while the ball of moving is just an invitation to have the ball squirt free. It is much better to bend down and try to grab it with your hands.
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