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Post-Game Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2020 7:25 pm
NYG Postgame (vs Washington Football Team) Transcripts: QB Daniel Jones

October 18, 2020

Q: How much of a relief is it to win a game?

A: It’s exciting to get the result. We feel like we’ve battled in all these games and been close, and to finally get the result now is a rewarding feeling. Got to build on it going forward and learn from the things we didn’t do well and build on the things we did do well.

Q: What’s your message to your team now as you go forward following the first win of the year?

A: Just to build on it. Like all of these games, there’s things we didn’t do well, there’s things we did do well. The approach is to build on the good and correct the bad. Today, it was good to get the result, to do enough to get the win. We know we got to keep improving and keep moving forward as a team. I think guys understand that, and that’s how we’re going to build on this one and keep it going.

Q: Could you describe the emotions in the locker room, especially for Coach Judge getting his first win for you guys? Obviously the first five weeks didn’t end how you wanted it to.

A: It was an exciting moment in the locker room with everyone and like I said, we battled these first five weeks, hadn’t gotten the result we all hoped for so to get it was thrilling and it was Coach’s first win so it was a lot of fun to do that. We were able to give him the game ball and rightfully so, he deserves it.

Q: How did Andrew Thomas respond to his benching and as a Captain, did you have to say anything to him about it before or during the game?

A: I thought he did well, and it’s something he’ll learn from. As teammates, we support him, and I thought he did a good job. He’s a mature guy, he’s a guy who can step up and he stepped in and played well when he got back out there. Certainly, have all the confidence in the world with him, and our job is to support him, and I thought he played well.

Q: And on the flip side with Matt Peart, how comfortable were you with someone who hasn’t played much on your blindside?

A: He did a great job for us. Matt is a guy who has come in here and improved every day. He’s a guy who has a great approach to the game, and to his work, and certainly has a lot of talent too. He played big for us today, and we all certainly have a lot of confidence in him.

Q: What happened on the interception, and did you think it would get overturned?

A: Just throwing the ball away, didn't get enough on it out of the back of the endzone. Got to make that decision sooner and get the ball out. I thought there was a chance it would be overturned after seeing it but can’t afford to make those mistakes.

Q: Were you the guy who gave Joe the game ball? It’s usually the quarterback is the one who does that in the locker room.

A: Yeah, I gave him the game ball. He was quickly dumped with Gatorade. A lot of people played a part in that celebration. It was a good, it was a fun moment there after the game.

Q: Were you able to get out of the pocket before you got too wet?

A: Yeah, I didn’t get any Gatorade on me.

Q: At one point when Darius limped off with the injury there, you had two healthy receivers. How hard is it to run an offense when you have so many playmakers that are banged up?

A: It certainly makes it tougher. We have to adjust when things like that happen. I thought we did a good job. There’s ways we can get in different personnel groupings. We certainly have enough players who can get out there. Smart guys who can play different positions if they need to. I felt good about that and I thought guys stepped up and we were able to execute even then.

Q: You did get the win but that was a costly interception near the end. Was there anything, message wise, that you said to Tae? He picks you up there. What is your level of concern that these things keep happening?

A: Big play by Tae (Crowder). Like I said, you can’t afford to make those mistakes in the red zone. Have to do a better job throwing the ball away.

Q: Six weeks into the season, you finally get your first win. How much was it a weight off your guys shoulders?

A: Like I said, we’ve battled these first five weeks and haven’t gotten the results. An extremely rewarding feeling today to get that result. We’re going to improve on the things we didn’t do as well. There’s certainly aspects of the game that we’ll look at and build off the good. That’s the challenge moving forward, to build off it going forward.

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