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It’s 1:30 am and I can’t sleep because of a 1-6 team

Essex : 10/23/2020 1:25 am
How sick do I have to be. This is crazy. Why do we care so much, especially about a team that has been so bad for so long. It’s an addiction, plain and simple.
I am as pissed off...  
Johnny5 : 10/23/2020 1:27 am : link
... as I can ever remember about this loss. This team. I sure can't sleep... so I'm right there with you.
You ain’t alone  
M.S. : 10/23/2020 1:28 am : link

We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Who the hell could fall asleep after that shit show?
I just can’t believe it happened again against this team  
Essex : 10/23/2020 1:30 am : link
even forgetting the longer history, this is three straight years we just completely choked a game away in their building. It doesn’t matter who coached this team, we just are in a bad state and it sucks. It a team I follow every day for 12 months a year and it’s just brutal to see them choke like this to a rival time and time again.

I just sick to my stomach
BeckShepEli : 10/23/2020 1:31 am : link
I’m just sick of the losing. Sick of the broken promises.
I’m right there  
GoDeep13 : 10/23/2020 1:33 am : link
With you. I’m just so pissed. I would probably sleep like a baby if I got an ESPN alert that Evan Engram was traded or released.
It’ll be okay...  
trueblueinpw : 10/23/2020 1:44 am : link
The Judge is going to turn this thing around. Gonna take some time. Meanwhile, try tucking in your shirt and then get some sleep. The sun will come out tomorrow.
How many times  
Payasdaddy : 10/23/2020 1:48 am : link
Do I have to relive the same Philly nightmare?
It’s like groundhogs day meets American horror story “ freak show”
There is no fucking way EE should drop that
The opposite of a gamer
Wouldn’t crucify him if it was occasionally
But this guy fails to make catches when needed way too often.
checking in  
OdellBeckhamJr : 10/23/2020 1:58 am : link
tried taking my mind off it for a little while but couldn't. this sucks. it feels like they will never improve.
Yep we always lose to the damn Eagles  
PetesHereNow : 10/23/2020 2:05 am : link
In such heartbreaking fashion. 21-10, 6:17 left. Make them take 8-10 plays to score and we are fine. Nope. Stop the 2 pt. conversion. Great. Still need a TD to beat you.

Gallman gets two big first downs. Then Engram’s drop when all he has to do is catch it and we likely run the clock out and win the game. Then we punt to inside the 20, personal foul takes them near their 30. They let them drive down. We get the key penalty to drive them back to our 16. Then first play, they score.

Then we can’t get in field goal position to win it. I’m so damn sick of losing to that team.
I just want Evan Engram gone  
Giantfan21 : 10/23/2020 2:18 am : link
thats all im asking for right now . The guy cannot block, cannot run a route, cannot a catch, and at least 75 % of the turnovers from Jones have Engram involved in the play either bouncing off his hands, running the wrong route, or being lazy .
Still up  
Essex : 10/23/2020 2:19 am : link
The solution is simple ...  
HopePhil and Optimistic : 10/23/2020 3:06 am : link
Move to the West Coast. It’s 3 hours earlier here.

That game was absolutely brutal, and worst part is having to accept the sad truth that even tho we may have a solid head coach it is year one of the Judge rebuild and not only will he continue to shape the roster with his guys, he may still need to tinker with his assistant coaches as well. It’s so hard to patient but I’m now ready to accept this year is now solely about evaluating our current talent to see who they think is part of the future, and getting them experience playing together.

Almost midnight and I’m not even going to try to get to sleep for a while.
Not me...  
The_Boss : 10/23/2020 5:54 am : link
If this was 2009 or 2010 I’d be on zero sleep still at 6am, but these guys suck. I expected a loss. Got a loss. And, if you are vehemently anti DG as I am and aren’t of the belief that Jones is the guy moving forward, losses are perhaps more valuable than wins right now. I slept like a baby.
I just cannot believe what I saw  
jvm52106 : 10/23/2020 5:55 am : link
again. It is like Groundhog Day except the people keep changing, the score keeps changing but the loss happens anyway.

There is a lot to hate here but I most hate or feel bad for Jones who played his heart out. He made plays while under duress and did all that he could and yet a completely inconsequential fumble in desperstion time will be some folks rallying cries for why he needs to go.. Just plain crap.
I’m starting not to care  
bubba0825 : 10/23/2020 6:07 am : link
Why should I stay up to midnight watching a game and be miserable the next day. The giants aren’t worth it
that used to be me.  
markky : 10/23/2020 6:30 am : link
i would not be able to sleep at all after a loss. now it doesn't even bother me. that's how bad they are.
right there  
Allen in CNJ : 10/23/2020 6:51 am : link
with ya man
Well I've watched many of these type of losses over  
Blue21 : 10/23/2020 7:49 am : link
my many years. This was one of the toughest ones for some reason. I got about 2 hours sleep last night because of it
I took off today  
Mark from Jersey : 10/23/2020 7:53 am : link
So I started drinking early before the game...Was too tired/relaxed to make it passed halftime. Thank god I did what I did. Giving up a 21-10 lead to the Eagles and seeing EE drop another key ball would have put me over the edge.
First loss this year that REALLY bothered me  
PA Aggie : 10/23/2020 8:15 am : link
This one hurt:

It was the Eagles
Up 11 with 6 minutes
It was the Eagles
EE dropped ball
It was the Eagles
It was the Eagles
They make a great throw/catch...we drop it
It was the Eagles
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