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Transcript: RB Wayne Gallman Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/23/2020 3:08 pm
RB Wayne Gallman Jr.

October 23, 2020

Q: How beneficial was it to you to get some rhythm going? It seems like every time you got opportunities, when it’s not like one here one there, that’s when you seem to produce best.

A: Rhythm comes with plays of course. For me and my situation, I just come in and try to do my best when my number is called. I just have to stay ready. That’s really the big thing with me, staying ready staying locked into the game. Not trying to make it too big, but just sometimes, take the base hit and see what happens. Just playing smart.

Q: How difficult do you find it when you’re coming in for one or two plays here and there and there is no consistent opportunity?

A: You and I both know it can be a little frustrating, but at the same time it’s for the sake of the team. I can care less, just come in and do my job when my number is called. It is what it is, I have to control what I can control and just take it from there.

Q: It’s been frustrating for you with the opportunities and what not. You talk about staying ready, but how do you not let the opportunities that aren’t there manifest itself to where you’re saying am I every going to get this opportunity? Why am I even bothering going through this?

A: Honestly, I use to think that way but there is no reason to think that way. The main focus is to come in and do my job. I really can’t worry about all that because all that is not controllable. I just have to focus on doing my job and being Wayne.

Q: Did you have that change of heart maybe when you got the fresh start with this coaching staff?

A: Just general living, just life. Learning life, getting mature.

Q: I know you and Evan are very close. What did you say to him or do you not say anything to him after that kind of game. He was obviously very upset and accountable with us. I’m wondering on the bus ride home in the locker room, what you say or what you don’t say to Evan Engram in that spot?

A: I just told him I got his back. That’s my brother. We came in together, we’ve been here together for a real long time. I love Evan. I told him I love him, and I got his back. That’s really all that needs to be said. He knows what he needs to do. He’s got to flip the switch. Go on to the next play, put that behind you and get prepared for the next week.

Q: I don’t know if you realize this, you’re one of the longest tenured guys in this locker room. The locker room has seen a lot of losing the last couple of years. Does this feel any different? Does this feel like here we go again, we’ve been here before? We’re not in the locker room obviously this year. What is the temperature here in the locker room?

A: All I can naturally feel is that we’re so close to getting over that edge. I think we’re over the edge, I just think we have to fix a couple things. I love this team, I love the position we’re in. It’s the best team we’ve had in the past couple of years.

Q: You feel closer than you did when you were 2-6 last year or 1-5 the year before.

A: Yeah, I believe in this team.

Q: You were also on this team when they have gone to the trade deadline and shipped off some pretty important players. Do you think about that for the next week and a half or so before the trade deadline and look around the locker room and who is going to stay in who might go?

A: Honestly, I really don’t think about that because I can’t control who’s going to leave and who’s going to stay. I just have to wait and see who’s going to be there the next day. I love my teammates, I’m pretty sure whoever is going I will hit them up. You can’t really control those things. You just have to worry about coming to work each day and doing your job.
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