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Transcript: DL Dalvin Tomlinson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/23/2020 3:10 pm
DL Dalvin Tomlinson

October 23, 2020

Q: The NFL trade deadline is in like nine days. You obviously are in the last year of your contract, you’re a really good player that I assume other people would want. Do you think about having played your last game for the Giants?
A: No, I don’t think that’s something that players, we focus on. I think we just come in each week and just worry about the game plan so we can execute the game plan each week. That’s what we just focus on, what we can control.

Q: I’ve heard you say in the past that you want to be here, you love being here with the Giants. Not though really your fault, but obviously, you’ve really experienced nothing but losing here with the Giants, as most guys here. I just asked Wayne (Gallman) the same thing. Most guys for the last four years, there’s nothing but losing. Why do you want to stay with the Giants rather than go with a competitor?
A: I feel like the Giants are a competitor. The franchise, the organization is built on that. It’s just the tradition. The tough-nose, toughness, the d-line is built on physicality. I just feel like that’s something I always want to be a part of.

Q: All losses are tough. Are some tougher than others? Last night, in the moment after that loss, is that a tougher one to accept?
A: I feel like all close games are a tough loss. My biggest thing is you just have to go out there and compete and control what you can control. Like I said, every loss is a tough loss.

Q: You often hear coaches say ‘When you win, it’s easier to correct, it’s easier to move forward when you have some success.’ With this team not having that success, is it harder to move forward, harder for the coaches to coach you, harder for the players to try to get better with all this losing?
A: I don’t think it’s harder for any of the players or coaches simply because I know the players and coaches we have in the building. Everybody, no matter what the result is, we’re going to come in each day and work our hardest.

Q: In your career, you’re 0 for the Eagles and 0 for the Cowboys. How hard is it to digest that?
A: That’s a tough one. Division opponents, you want to go in and get the win. Like I said before, all we can do is go back in the meeting rooms, watch the film, break stuff down and get ready for the next time we play them.

Q: You do play both of them again this year. However your contract plays out, it might be your last chance to beat one of those division rivals. Do you think about that going into those games? I know they’re down the road a little bit.
A: Not at all. Like I said before, I’m not focused on the contract and all that stuff. I want to just go out there and execute the best as I can to help the team out, my teammates, and improve week in and week out.

Q: In the last three games, in the final two minutes of each half, every team has either had a chance to score or scored. What is going on with the defense in the sense that you’re giving up chunks in those positions? Why has the two minute defense allowed so many points lately?
A: I just feel like we have to execute the small little details, the smallest hair. Like I said before, we need to execute everything perfectly. Things are bound to fall apart, so we just have to go out there and execute slightly more than we have been, just like we do throughout the game.

Q: You guys let up one touchdown in like the first 55 minutes or so, and then two in the last five minutes. It’s kind of an extension of what’s been going on here for several weeks now. What do you see in the huddle, and do you think maybe that the moment is getting the best of guys? We saw a bunch of penalties late on that drive. How do you explain it?
A: I wouldn’t say… Like before, we have to execute when it counts the most. Like you said, we have to play 60 full minutes, not just 55 like you said. Throughout the whole process, you have to continue to execute the game plan and just recognize more formations and things of that nature. Across the board, we all have to improve on that as a defense.

Q: Do you see anything different in the huddle late in these games? Is there supposed to be something different? Are guys supposed to be even more heightened awareness late in games? What do you think with that?
A: I wouldn’t say anything is different in the huddle because everybody is so locked into the game already. I’m upfront, so it’s like I can’t look in the very, very back of the huddle and everything. We all just have to execute to the best of our abilities when the game is in the critical parts of the game.
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