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another pff article

Hilary : 10/24/2020 7:17 am
Ok some people (FM) do not like pff.
Some interesting mentions in the article
Gates seems to be growing into the job
The secondary is woefully lacking in players who belong in the NFL. The giants will need to use a one or a two pick on a corner in the 2021 draft

Link - ( New Window )
We lack an NFL quality starting secondary: no #2 CB; no FS;Nickel poor  
SGMen : 10/24/2020 7:39 am : link
We lack a pass rush; we lack secondary; we lack playmakers; we lack top tier OL; and, we lack a quality TE.

We lack an awful lot.

I almost wish Washington had converted 2 points leaving us with O wins this year and a shot at the first pick in the draft. That is how dismal I feel right now.

1 corner  
RetroJint : 10/24/2020 8:04 am : link
1 safety . Playmaking WR. Replacement for Engram . I want to say somebody for the edge but I want to watch these remaining 9 games to decide that . The five starting offensive linemen for next season are already on the team . It’s just a question of figuring out which sides the tackles are on.

PS That’s quite a lot to get accomplished .
By the end of the year, Gates could be playing the best of the OL.  
Spider56 : 10/24/2020 8:56 am : link
He looks to be getting better each game.
Thank you Beal and Baker  
Chip : 10/24/2020 9:03 am : link
The killer B's
Right now his snaps have been perfect.  
mittenedman : 10/24/2020 9:05 am : link
Shotgun snaps with good pace, hitting Jones bw the #'s.
Also-it looks to me the D has less a bead on what play is coming.

Part of the perfect storm that made Barkley & the Giants O easy to stop early was breaking in a new C, too. There is a lot of tipping plays involved and tipping snap counts w/an inexperienced C. I'm not saying I am noticing tells from my couch cushion but it's reasonable to allow he may be getting better at these nuances. That is part of how a guy can improve quickly at the pivot, and he appears to be getting credit for doing so.
before we complain we don't have a FS  
Giantsfan79 : 10/24/2020 9:28 am : link
let's see how Xavier McKinney plays when he returns from IR.

Or maybe he's the Sterling Shepard of safeties and will never play 16 games a season and then we do need a FS.
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