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Transcript: CB James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/27/2020 3:26 pm
CB James Bradberry

October 27, 2020

Q: Just regarding kind of on the other side of the ball with Evan Engram, I just wonder what do you see in him as a talent? Obviously, he had that tough drop the other night. As a teammate, what do you guys do to kind of maybe say, ‘hey, that wasn’t all on you’ or whatever. Obviously, the defense didn’t finish the job down the stretch either.
A: As a player, you see a phenomenal talent. Physical, big body guy that can run. That’s one thing that separates him from the rest of the tight ends in the league, that he can run. He’s very fast. Just as a teammate, what you would tell him, I’ve been there before. I missed out on plays here and there in my career over the past four years. You just have to fight back. You have to keep your head in the game, keep that confidence within you. There were several plays throughout that Philadelphia game that we should have made on defense that we let go. The game should have never been in that position in the first place.

Q: Just curious, Coach Judge here has made a big point about following the rules, being accountable to each other in this strange year. I’m wondering if you had any issue with the video of some teammates out on Friday night? Have you gone out at all on your own away from the building?
A: I heard about the video. I haven’t watched it myself. I really don’t want to put my energy and time towards that because I know what type of guys they are. I know they go about their business everyday handling it like a pro. I’m going to let the coaches and whoever upstairs handle that situation.

Q: It was announced earlier today that Chris Godwin has a broken finger, probably won’t play Monday night. But they have Scotty Miller, this kid Tyler Johnson. I’m just wondering if you had a chance to look at those guys on tape? If so, what do you see they bring to that passing game?
A: I’ve seen Scotty Miller quite a bit on tape. Athletic, fast guy. He can take the top off a defense, so you definitely have to be on the lookout for him. Very explosive. They also have Mike Evans, Tom Brady, they have a good running back duo in the backfield. They have other pieces to their offense that they can attack you with. You have to be on your Ps and Qs when any of those guys step on the field.

Q: Why is this defense struggling in the final two minutes of halves, particularly in the second half the last couple of games? What could be done to change that situation?
A: I think we’re struggling with penalties. I know I had a penalty in one of the last two minute drives that was critical. I guess mental breakdowns. Any time you’re out of place and you’re not in the right spot that you’re supposed to be in, you have to chalk it up to a mental breakdown within your mind. Just coming in today, watching the mistakes that we made against Philadelphia, and just try to correct them and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Just keep practicing over and over until you get it down.

Q: I know you kind of relish the opportunity that’s presented by the game plan every week, but you mentioned Evans before. You obviously have a history traveling with him and experiences. When you go into a situation like this, if that is the assignment that you end up having to take, how much of is it mental recall? How much do you dig into your previous relationship and matchups against a specific receiver, because I would imagine this is really the first time this has come up this year? Just curious from that perspective.
A: I’m still breaking down film and the coaches are still breaking down film, so I think the offensive scheme might be a little bit different. I have to prepare for that by watching film. But I feel like Mike Evans, he’s the same guy that he was a year ago, two years ago. Big, physical guy, plays well through press coverage because he’s a strong, physical guy. He’s 6-5, 230 (pounds), I think, 220, long arms. I think his best attribute is he’s able to go up there and attack the ball at the highest point. Just an elite receiver overall. A lot of it is just mental recall from the past experiences when I played him when it comes to pressing him, when he gives his release off the line, stuff like that.

Q: I know we’ve asked you previously in terms of going to the coaches and whether or not you’re pitching ‘hey give me this guy this week, that week.’ But when this challenge comes across your desk every week, do you like that? Do you like kind of going, whether you’re on the number one guy one week or however they’re using you to this point, it seems like it’s fitting your game pretty well this year?
A: As a corner and as a competitor, you definitely look and you relish those matchups where you’re asked to go against a certain guy you know is an elite receiver. But any time you go into a game and you have the opportunity to play against a great quarterback like Tom Brady, you also relish that opportunity. Just try to make the most out of your opportunities. You try to get an interception, you try to get pass defenses, you try to get forced fumbles. Whatever you can do, just try to make a game-changing play throughout the game.

Q: Obviously, the team results have not been good so far. I just kind of wonder how you would assess how you’ve played this year, what your expectations were and kind of where you feel you’re at right now?
A: I think I’m playing pretty good. I feel like I could play better. I left some plays out there against Philly, I’m sure I left some plays out there in the past games that we lost as well. I look at the plays that I missed out on more so than the plays that I made. Those are things that I look forward to trying to make up for later down the road against Tampa, or against Philly or Washington when we get to play those guys again. Just try to make up for the plays that I missed on earlier.

Q: If you can say, what are maybe a couple of the plays that stick in your craw a little bit?
A: I got that penalty against Philly. I know when we played San Fran, I gave up an over route. Against Washington, I probably could have made a game-changing play in that game as well. Every game I feel like there’s an opportunity for each one of us on the field to make a game-changing play. It’s just about us studying film, knowing when that play comes up, and when the opportunity comes, just make the most out of it.
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