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Post-Game Transcript: LB Blake Martinez

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/3/2020 8:37 am
NYG Postgame (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Transcripts: LB Blake Martinez

November 2, 2020

Q: Is this getting close and not getting the W getting frustrating?

A: Yeah. I think any competitor that’s playing in this league wants to win and wants to improve and show that by results. It’s a results business. So yeah, it’s definitely tough, and you want to go out there, after all the hard work, and come out with a win.

Q: What do you think you guys did so well to hold their offense down for most of the game?

A: I think for us, in my opinion, Pat Graham is one of the best defensive coordinators out there. His ability to design a game and understand and adjust throughout the game has been amazing throughout the whole season. And then, all the guys out there on defense, no matter who is out there, works their butt off every single day, understands what we need to do in certain situations. Obviously we’re not perfect, but to be able to go out there and do what we did today is something we can build off of.

Q: How many different packages did you guys run out there tonight? It seemed like there were a lot of different personnel combinations, a lot of different things. I would imagine that going up against a quarterback like you did, that was an important thing tonight, to give them things they weren’t anticipating.

A: Definitely. That’s something that Pat (Graham) brought this week. And understanding those aspects of it, going against a guy like Tom (Brady), we worked a lot this week making sure that we knew who was supposed to be out there whenever we had certain situations called, certain packages called. And I think overall, substitutions and those kinds of things helped a lot trying to disguise certain looks.

Q: Would you say this is the most you guys have substituted in a game this year?

A: I’d have to look at the tape. But I think it’s probably close.

Q: What did that combo with Cam Brown and Carter Coughlin rushing give you guys?

A: I think both those young players have been working every single week and improving every single week, what they’re able to bring athleticism-wise, length, speed, and it’s awesome to see out there those guys make plays.
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