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Transcript: CB James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/6/2020 3:50 pm
CB James Bradberry

November 6, 2020

Q: Tell me what you think of the job [Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator] Patrick Graham has done. It seems like you guys played man early, now you play so much zone. It’s hard for us to even figure out what defense you’re playing week to week. Everyone says they’re multiple. Every coach likes to say that. It’s like a sexy term. How multiple are you guys and what kind of job has he done doing that week to week?

A: I think you just explained it. It’s hard for people to break down if we’re in man or a zone. He changes it up with the corners coming over sometimes in zone or in man. Very multiple, I would say. Like you said, it’s hard for teams to break down what we’re in. I think he’s doing a good job of changing it up and keeping the offense on their toes from time to time.

Q: From your experience playing under other coordinators or just from talking to buddies around the league, is he more multiple than most guys, or is that just because I see him the most?

A: I would say he’s more multiple. He changes it up every week. We’re not sure if we’re going to be playing a whole lot more man this week or zone. We just find out when we come in Monday or Wednesday, and then we go from there.

Q: Along those lines, why does it work for you guys? Why has this worked so far for eight weeks in terms of the amount of changes that you do game plan wise, the personnel? Is there something that you can point to and say ‘this is why we’re able to make it work every week’?

A: I would say it starts off with the guys in the room. That’s up front, linebackers and backend. I feel like we’re a smart group, so we’re able to take things on the fly and execute them when we get on the field in practice and in the game. With Coach Graham, when he’s mixing it up, teams are game planning based off what you did previous weeks. If you keep changing it up, it’s hard for them to know what you’re going to be in on certain downs and in certain situations. Changing it up, it’s hard for the quarterback to diagnose it when he drops back and he’s looking, and also when he’s breaking down film before the game. Just keeping it versatile, keeping it multiple, keep them on their toes.

Q: When you play a team for the second time, do you expect that to kind of change up again? I think, correct me if I’m wrong, but did you travel with [Terry] McLaurin much the first matchup, and do you kind of expect that to change going into this weekend?

A: I did a little bit in the second half. We’re going to see once we get to the game. We haven’t figured out what exactly we’re going to do as far as me traveling with him or not. But we’ve been practicing for different situations.

Q: What is the biggest challenge a guy like that represents?

A: He’s a good receiver. He runs great routes. I think the one thing that comes off the film when I watch him is his speed. He’s a deep threat, explosive, has good hands and he has a good quarterback in Kyle Allen to get him the ball.

Q: What was it like seeing a veteran like Golden Tate serving as Terry McLaurin at practice?

A: It was good. He gave me a good example of what I’m going to see on Sunday. Golden, he’s a veteran guy, runs good routes, just that veteran savviness to him. He knows how to get open.

Q: Is that rare though to see a veteran in his position in this league, at least for what he’s done, sort of be in that role?

A: It’s a little different.

Q: Coach (Judge) said he’s thinking of doing more virtual meetings. How did you guys like those this week? Also, going into that train travel this week, how comfortable do you feel with that, safety wise?

A: As far as the train, this will be my first time taking a train, so I’m kind of excited for it. I don’t think it’ll be too different. Well of course it’ll be different as far as physically being in the air versus on the ground. But I’m probably just going to go to sleep on the train.

Q: But safety wise you feel fine with it?

A: Yeah, I feel fine with it. Then what was the first question you asked again?

Q: Coach said maybe more virtual meetings. How do those compare to actual, in-person meetings?

A: I think they were good. As long as the players are locked in, and I think we were locked in. We took the install from the film and then we applied it during practice. I think it went well. It gave us more time in the morning to get more sleep in, get some more recovery in, so I liked it.
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