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Post-Game Transcript: S Logan Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/8/2020 5:54 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Washington Football Team) Transcripts: S Logan Ryan

November 8, 2020

Q: We got to see the end of that play on TV cameras watching the game at home. I’m just curious if you can describe the emotions of the play, of how everything broke down and then what was running through your mind as you guys were running to the cameras to celebrate a little bit?

A: Obviously, there’s a story behind everything, you guys know I try to story tell up here. It was an extremely emotional week, as you guys know from the last time I talked to you all, with my wife. Extremely grateful to the organization and to my wife. She’s a fighter, to not lose her there in that situation is very fortunate. At the same time, my wife and I mourn in silence of our lost child during that process, too, so we had a loss, as well. Although it’s a great story, it was an emotional week for me and her, and that game was definitely for my wife, definitely for my family. I had her name written on my cleats and just extremely grateful that I have a great wife. That ball is for her, she told me to bring one home for her, so I was able to do that. The play that we ran is something that I talked to [Defensive Coordinator] Pat Graham about doing and putting me in that position to make that play. In two-minute, we’d been struggling all year and it was just a play that we put in, I think, Saturday night, like hours before the game. Last night, we said we were going to try something new and try that. In the first half, I messed up, I wasn’t there, they ran a 32-yard in-cut in the two-minute and that was my fault, that was my job there. I told Pat, I said, ‘Hey, that’s on me. Call it again and I’ll be there, I’ll make it right,’ and at least he thinks it’s going to be there, so he called it again and the next time we ran it was at the end of the game and I was able to make the play. So that’s just the story behind the game and I’m very fortunate that Pat trusts me enough to run my play and to call my play and to call my number, and that’s what I believe I’m here to do and I believe I was here to do today for the team.

Q: Congratulations on the win, Logan. How good does it feel for the defense to be able to actually win that game because I know your coach challenged you guys to finish and you guys were able to go out there and do that?

A: It feels great for the team, it honestly does. You guys know we’ve got a hard working coach, we’ve got a hard working team, we’ve got a lot of talent. Some people say it’s young, I just think we’re a talented team if you look at the positions, I think defensively we’re extremely talented. We’re just done coming up short. We had eight games to learn how to win, we had eight games to get to know each other, we had eight games with a first-time head coach and all that stuff. That’s all great, but it’s just time. This end of the season, we’re playing extremely hard to win every game and it was just time. I said that winning is a mentality and it starts in your mind, and I felt like we played like winners there. It wasn’t perfect, but ‘well done’ is better than ‘perfectly tried,’ so we got it done.

Q: A couple of Jersey guys were celebrating, you and [Safety] Jabrill [Peppers] making key plays down the stretch.

A: Yeah, Jabrill is obviously extremely versatile, an extremely great football player, but he loves football. He loves ball, his passion is high for ball. Everyone that knows Jabrill sees his energy popping off and the emotion he plays with. I’m the same way, I love ball and we like our safety tandem there, we like how we feed off each other and I think that’s just the start of what this defense can be if Jabrill and I are playing off each other and making those plays in crucial moments. And he just kept saying, ‘That’s why they brought you here, that’s why they brought you here: to make those plays.’

Q: Were you able to talk to your wife after the game and how hard is it to compartmentalize what’s going on in your life while trying to focus on football?

A: I think it’s easier said than done. There was no doubt in my mind that if my wife was in stable condition that I was going to play this game because I play for my family and me playing ball brings me a lot of joy and it brings my family a lot of joy. I talked to her before the game, she just got back to New Jersey, she was resting and watching the game, and she just knows me and she just says, ‘Bring a ball home for me and the kids,’ and I was able to do that and I visualized it all week. No one really knows what I went through all week emotionally, but the team supported me great and I definitely wanted to do something for my wife and kids in that situation. I can’t say to break it all up is the right thing to do, I tried my best – I don’t think I was perfect – but I tried my best to separate it and make my family proud.

Q: How common is it for you guys to sit there and draw up plays that you’re going to use in a game on the Saturday before the game? I think it’s the second time this season I heard of you doing that already.

A: It’s not too common in the NFL, but Pat Graham, like I told you, I think he’s a great defensive coordinator, I think he’s a great coach, I think [Head Coach] Joe [Judge] trusts him to make changes that late in the week. It’s a play we didn’t practice once all week, but we drew it up and we executed it when it mattered. You want to play for a coordinator who wants to put you in a position to make the plays and that’s what Pat believes in me to do is put me in the position to close the game out. I feel comfortable being that player, I feel comfortable being in that moment and that’s just earning the respect of my teammates and earning the respect with my hard work. I don’t know if it’s common for everybody, but it’s common for us. We’re coming with all wrinkles every game and you’ve just got to have the players able to pull it off and I think we’re pulling it off better and better every week.
Very happy  
Andrew in Austin : 11/8/2020 8:55 pm : link
for Logan Ryan - and the NY Giants for signing the young man.

It is very telling in how he describes his coaches. Hardest working, Trust, etc. It is pretty cool we can see the respect from the players for the coaches.
One of the best, if not the best, interview ever on BBI  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 11/9/2020 5:23 am : link
What a wonderful story.

I hope the NFL does not fine him for putting his wife's name on his cleats calling it a uniform violation.

RE: Very happy  
mfsd : 11/9/2020 5:39 am : link
In comment 15039821 Andrew in Austin said:
for Logan Ryan - and the NY Giants for signing the young man.

It is very telling in how he describes his coaches. Hardest working, Trust, etc. It is pretty cool we can see the respect from the players for the coaches.

A lot of people weren’t quite sure what to make of the Graham hire at the time, but to hear a league veteran like Ryan talk about him this way is really telling
Heard Judge say that they just  
section125 : 11/9/2020 6:24 am : link
drew up that play Saturday at the walk thru. Ryan says it was called earlier but he blew it. I guess that was why McLaurin was able to run free. I guess the WFT went back to that play and this time Ryan was where he was supposed to be.

I wonder if Bobby Skinner will analyze it this week. I guess it was designed to make the center of the field appear uncovered and then Ryan fills at the last moment. Vilma said Smith was suckered into that read - I guess he saw it.
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