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Post-Game Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/8/2020 6:58 pm
Giants QB Daniel Jones

On holding onto the ball after being sacked on the last play:

“I think that that's been a focus of mine and you obviously know the importance of hold on the ball and the defense did a great job today coming up with five turnovers and on offense, we're able to protect it today and that was a you know a big advantage for us. Those are big plays in the game and I've got to do a good job of holding onto the ball.”

On being 4-0 against Washington:

“I don't know if it's specific to one team. I think each game is separate from the other and you know it just happened that we've come ready to play against Washington these last four times and have been able to get wins. We'll look to build off of it next week going into Philly [Philadelphia Eagles].”

On the blindside hit he took:

“When you're in the game, you're always, you know, playing to score points. You're always playing to keep the ball moving forward and we didn't execute well enough there in that second half and like you said didn't score, didn't finish drives. We'll certainly look at that. We'll watch the tape, study from it and see what we could have done better in those situations but the defense came up big they're down the stretch. We were able to get a turnover there and you know that was big for us. As far as that last play, just the safety came off the edge and hit me in the back. We'll look at it and learn from it and just got to hold onto the ball and that keeps us in a position. It sets our defense up with a long field and I'll continue to focus on that. I’m always trying to hold on to the ball and do my best to secure it so I guess right there I was able to do.”

On the offensive line:

“They've done a great job these last few weeks. Coach [Marc] Colombo has them going and the rotation, like you mentioned, rotating those guys in and out and keeping them fresh. You said we ran the ball effectively all day and I think that was a big advantage for us. Using tempo and being on the ball, and then able to keep the pressure on him and run the ball. Those guys did a great job up front against a really good defensive front and a defensive front that has the ability to really impact the game and change the game and those guys did a great job all day enforcing our will running the ball and then protecting the pass game too so those guys deserve a lot of credit.”

On Golden Tate not playing in this game and his connection with Austin Mack:

“We learned that this week and just prepared to play and go through the plan and get ready to play. Austin [Mack] did a great job stepping up and made a lot of plays for us. He's someone who you can trust to be in the right spot, who's consistent and brings it every day in practice. I certainly have a lot of trust in him and like I said, he stepped up and made a lot of big plays.”

On if he’s heard back from Eli after yelling his name at the line of scrimmage:

“No, I haven't. He hasn’t said much about that yet, but maybe I’ll hear from him now.”

On the offense’s vibe on the sideline:

“I think there's lots of things to take from this game and build on. I think in the second half we had some drives, we moved the ball a little bit and then kind of stalled out in a couple of situations. That hurt us and prevented us from getting points. So, we'll look at that and we'll learn from it and see what we got to do in those situations better but I think that there are things to build on from this game. I think we'll continue to improve and that's the goal every week. So back to work back to work tomorrow and look to take another step this week against Philly [Philadelphia Eagles].”
Glad he didn't mention that those two final kneel-downs  
CT Charlie : 11/8/2020 7:16 pm : link
will really hurt his historic career rushing average.
jnoble : 11/8/2020 8:34 pm : link
He only used the word "certainly" once. That's a first. Usually he says it at least half a dozen times in an interview
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