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Transcript: WR Austin Mack

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/13/2020 4:14 pm
WR Austin Mack

November 13, 2020

Q: Can you talk about this whole journey for you? Going undrafted then having to kind of wait your turn to get this opportunity. What you have done to keep yourself focused and not get discouraged?

A: It’s been a grind. I’ve been really focused and knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy. At the end of the day, just come in, work hard, put my head down and just wait for an opportunity. Whenever there was an opportunity to just try and maximize and keep competing each and every day.

Q: Coach Tolbert the other day referred to you as an enforcer in the run game. I’ve never heard a wide receiver referred to that way. What does that mean to you? How important is that part of the job?

A: It’s extremely important. That’s the role I was given when I had the opportunity to be able to be apart of this team. I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. Something that Coach Meyer told me back at Ohio State was you can’t play receiver until you play special teams, until you block for your running backs. That’s the same mindset I think I live by and trying to have that identity.

Q: When the touchdown was overturned the other day did you see that coming? How disappointing was it for it to get overturned?

A: Obviously, it’s very disappointing but it just means hopefully in the future I can get another shot at that. I thought I was in there, I’m not going to lie. I saw the replay and I was like okay. Wayne (Gallman Jr.) had to put it in for us for six. Obviously disappointing, but excited hopefully for the future to come and get more opportunities.

Q: I know out at Columbus it’s kind of a big deal when you got the stripe taken off the helmet back when you were a freshman. Is the mindset you had back then helped you get to the point where you are now a rookie with the Giants? If so, what was your mentality?

A: I think you can tie that in a little bit. More than anything, I think my mindset was you’re not given anything right now. You have to go earn respect, the opportunity to even be here. That was just my mentality. I didn’t care that I went to Ohio State, it doesn’t matter in the NFL. Everybody comes from all different divisions. It’s just a matter of coming out here and proving yourself, your worth, and your value to the team. That’s been my whole mindset moving forward.

Q: How often did you hear about separation and whether or not you were fast enough to play at this level? Do you think your ability as a route runner makes up for what people may perceive as a lack of a 40 time?

A: I don’t really hear that too much. To me, I just do what I can to make sure that I make the opportunities. That I am open on film. If the ball comes my way, I just make the play. If that makes sense.

Q: You’re an undrafted rookie on this team. You were given an opportunity last week. Was there anything that you learned from being in the background and watching how things unfolded with Golden (Tate)? What happened between him and coach and everything else.

A: For Golden, he has been a great big brother to me. He’s taught me so much so far. It’s kind of just this whole room (wide receiver room). Being this young guy on the team in that receiver room with Shep (Sterling Shepard), Slay (Darius Slayton) and GT (Golden Tate) and all the other guys. I just really try to take in all the information from the guys and keep learning. Keep stacking up the days. Come to work with some energy and always try to make sure that I always get better. You kind of lose sight of that, but I’m always trying to get better. You can learn a lot from guys like Golden and Shep and a lot of these veterans.
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