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Post-Game Transcript: RB Wayne Gallman

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/15/2020 5:49 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Philadelphia Eagles) Transcripts: RB Wayne Gallman

November 15, 2020

Q: I'm wondering what goes through your mind as you are in the air going into the end zone there. That's the second time, I think, this season you've gone up and over the line of scrimmage to score a touchdown. What's the key to that? What are you focusing on?

A: I'm just focusing on getting in however I can, that's it. But, of course, ball security. Keeping the ball tight. At the end of the day, I'm just trying to get into the end zone and trying to show some aggression and play to win.

Q: Is there any kind of key to the timing there or where you launch from?

A: I just saw (Eli) Penny shoot his guy. Shoot, I don't know where I was. I was just jumping in. I already had it predetermined.

Q: I'm just wondering what these last few weeks have been like for you? You're getting more of an opportunity to show what you can do than you have in a few years and you're actually scoring touchdowns and playing some of your best football. What has this meant to you getting this opportunity and this coaching staff believing in you the way that they have?

A: I'm really just going out there being myself and showing who Wayne Gallman is, you know? I'm just trying to do what's best for this team and capitalize on all my opportunities and just not do too much on a play, but just make the play first.

Q: Last year, you guys were 2-7 and you lost the game before the bye to the Jets and this year you won the game before the bye. It's only a one game difference, but how different is that feeling heading into the bye the way you guys are trending compared to last year?

A: Just with our preparation and everything leading up to this point, we're finally really feeling that sense of team. We're all coming together and it's just all playing out for itself. We're working hard and practicing each week. We know what we have. We're 1-0 in our minds. Our plan is just to be 1-0 after the bye.

Q: You guys keep saying that - 'We know who we are. We know who we are,' but it wasn't really showing on the field. How much do you feel like you're proving to people that are getting to see it as well?

A: We're not trying to show everybody what we are. We just know who we are and we're doing it as a team. We're coming out and keeping the main thing the main thing and playing hard. We practice too hard and we work too hard - it's finally letting some light shine.

Q: Last year, it seemed like you kind of fell out of favor. This year, you're running like you're pissed off. Is that fair to say that you're running with a pissed off attitude the way you're running this year?

A: It's a plus to other things that I go into the game with, but yes, aggression is something that I play with throughout my whole career. I'm just trying to get that extra yard. That's it.

Q: Do you like contact? It seems like you fight through contact a lot, you don't shy from it. No matter how hard you get hit, it seems like you either fall forward or make the guy pay a little bit. Why do you run like that? Why are you able to run like that consistently?

A: It's just me. You're always getting Wayne Gallman. I've always played like that. I feel like I can do whatever it takes to do whatever, to score some points. That's just me.

Q: Wayne, after having so many games that have come down to the wire and not being able to seal the deal, how good does it feel to be able to put two games back to back where you guys are able to win it at the end and hold the other team off? How good does it feel to go into the bye week on that kind of momentum?

A: Man, I can't tell you how good it feels just to come into the locker room and dance a little bit. We just have to keep the main thing the main thing. All the guys are focused on this bye, getting their bodies back, but we're 1-0. Shoot, next week, we're going into it, the plan is to be 1-0 again. We're just keeping the main thing the main thing. We're coming back to work, working hard and staying together as a team.
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