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Daniel Jones 7.8 yards per rush

Archer : 11/16/2020 2:49 pm
Daniel Jones has averaged 7.8 yards per carry
Murray is second with a 6.9 yards per carry
The next players are Chubb, Sanders and Cook at 6.0 yards per carry

Jones is doing something very special his yards per carry would the highest since 2006.

In 2006 Michael Vick set the standard with 8.4 yards per carry

Since 2006 the next highest YPC was 6.9 by Jackson, and 6.8 by Vick and Griffen III

I do not know if Jones can keep it up, but , 7.8 yards per carry is quite amazing
This is not an anomaly as Jones averaged 6.2 YPC last year

Jones average is certain to go down taking into account that he will be in the victory formation in the games to come
If Barkley doesn't ever truly return to form,  
Dave in Hoboken : 11/16/2020 2:53 pm : link
we found our replacement for him.

Resign Freeman  
5BowlsSoon : 11/16/2020 3:15 pm : link
Do you think anyone would trade a number one pick for him? I doubt it, but I guess it’s possible.
I just want him to continue to develop  
allstarjim : 11/16/2020 3:50 pm : link
as a pocket passer. Yesterday was as good as I've seen from him. He went through progressions, didn't stay locked on. He didn't seem to bail out of the pocket too quickly, and he was decisive, and most importantly, he maintained ball security.

I hope to see this version of Daniel more often than not. I'm still not sure I see a special QB, but the tools are there, so if it's starting to click for him, then I'm ready for the ride. Then it will time to get him some help in the form of a top receiver.
RE: If Barkley doesn't ever truly return to form,  
allstarjim : 11/16/2020 3:51 pm : link
In comment 15047991 Dave in Hoboken said:
we found our replacement for him.


Don't worry, he will.
is there a min number of carries  
giants#1 : 11/16/2020 3:56 pm : link
you need to qualify for this?
RE: is there a min number of carries  
UConn4523 : 11/16/2020 4:04 pm : link
In comment 15048091 giants#1 said:
you need to qualify for this?

Not sure if its something that's a distinguishable stat but he's on pace for 80 carries, whatever that means in relation to all time stats.

That Vick season was 120 carries, Jackson's 2019 was 176. Kyler Murray is on pace for 155 carries and is currently just under 7 ypc.

Jones definitely has more calculated runs and i'd like to see him doing what he did the past 2 weeks (7.5 rushes per game) instead of the beginning of the season (3 rushes per game).
Yes, I was just curious  
giants#1 : 11/16/2020 4:24 pm : link
Tyreek Hill had 24 rushes for 267 yds (11.1 y/a) in 2016 and is also at 7.8 y/a this year (albeit with only 8 carries).

GoTerps favorite Cordarrelle Patterson has also topped 9 y/a a few times (last was in 2017) but never more than 13 carries in those seasons.
Just popped in to say  
AdamBrag : 11/16/2020 5:50 pm : link
run Jones more!
there is a minimum  
Archer : 11/16/2020 6:12 pm : link
not certain what the minimum is
RE: Just popped in to say  
jnoble : 11/16/2020 6:34 pm : link
In comment 15048269 AdamBrag said:
run Jones more!

They have to be careful with that and use it sparingly. He's always big hit away from getting hurt running with the ball
His chance to get injured is the same on each carry  
UConn4523 : 11/16/2020 6:39 pm : link
he’s also not putting his head down trying to truck people.

Most QB injuries come on fluke plays. Many that I’ve seen are when a QB is sacked and driven into a the ground, hiring their collar bone/shoulder/elbow/wrist.

I’m all for less runs long term if he cleans up his progressions but for now he really need to run to keep teams honest and so far he’s been protecting himself well.
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