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Love this Joe Judge line

Bob from Massachusetts : 11/16/2020 10:53 pm
for the press conference today: "I think we’re getting closer to putting a product on the field that hopefully people can see themselves in. That people are proud to put on those blue caps or t-shirts on Mondays and go to work and celebrate that they root for the Giants. That’s something that’s important to us here. We want this team to be about the area. Not just about the guys in the building."

I live in New England, and for a while now I can't be seen wearing any Giants gear without giving an explanation. It's f'in embarrassing. I am so sick of the Patriots. I have no idea whether what we've seen the last few weeks can continue, but just to put a product on the field that you can have some pride in means so much. I've been rooting for the Giants since the 1961, and these last few years have been the worst since the 70s (anyone remember 1-12-1? Losing 72-42 or whatever it was? I do). It does seem like increasingly we see fewer stupid mental errors, penalties, coverage mix-ups in the secondary, the o-line looks respectable. Like a competent, well-coached team.

Being a Giants fan is part of who I am, and for a while now it's torn me apart. It just now feels like maybe we see the light at the end of the tunnel. I sure hope so. We'll see. But that quote resonated with me. He could turn out to be the real deal.
Red Right Hand : 11/16/2020 11:02 pm : link
^What he said
I feel the emotion bob  
bluetothegrave : 11/17/2020 12:27 am : link
And I am right there with you my friend. This certainly feels like the start of something we can be so damn proud of doesn’t it? Let’s go blue.
Even though we have sucked the last few years  
montanagiant : 11/17/2020 12:31 am : link
Why would you need to explain to any Pats fan why you wear Giants gear?

We as Giants fans ALWAYS have that upper hand when it comes to the Pats
The Giants could never win another game  
SimpleMan : 11/17/2020 1:29 am : link
and all you have to say to a Pats fan is "18-1"
How old is he? I thought 39.  
jsuds : 11/17/2020 6:47 am : link
If so not getting how he remembers the seventies.
Just saying.
I am so grateful he is our coach.
BigBlueJ : 11/17/2020 7:01 am : link
I'd be swinging my dick around with a tattoo of 18-1 if I wanted, if I lived up there!
RE: Even though we have sucked the last few years  
Bill L : 11/17/2020 7:08 am : link
In comment 15048537 montanagiant said:
Why would you need to explain to any Pats fan why you wear Giants gear?

We as Giants fans ALWAYS have that upper hand when it comes to the Pats

I don't care if it's the Pats or any other team. I would wear it because I'm a fan of the team, regardless of their record.
Been a fan since 56  
joeinpa : 11/17/2020 7:20 am : link
Remember the 72-41 loss to the Redskins well, also remember the 70 s well.

This drought doesn’t come close to being as hopeless to me as that era did.

But I wore Giants gear then and now, always felt a special affinity for this team.

They have had their dry spells, but overall have been one of the more successful franchises in the NFL.
Been a fan since '64  
Sec 103 : 11/17/2020 7:42 am : link
and the horrendous teams that were part of my youth as with the Yankees never deterred me from being a Giants fan... That said, that first playoff game in 1981 (beat the Iggles) held a promise that eventually was paid in 1986, with the greatest super bowl victory of all time (personal fav)... There have been rough patched lately, and quite frankly the game has changed too much IMHO, but I will always be a Giants fan... And I do like what this coach has brought to the org. I trust he will give me another chance to see the top end of the mountain soon.
Bob, 18- 1 is all you'll ever need up there
Nice post Bob.  
BelieveJJ : 11/17/2020 7:43 am : link
Feeling it, even if I've never had a prob wearing my Giants' blue cap.
I do remember the '60s and '70s  
Bob from Massachusetts : 11/17/2020 7:58 am : link
Thx for the kind words from those who offered them.

I'm in my late 60s. Maybe I was still in my 30s when I started on BBI (it's been a long time). Following the Giants has been even longer, most of which hasn't been embarrassing. 18-1 helps up here, but I'm not even talking about up here in Boston, but everywhere. I really don't care how good or bad the Patriots are (OK, I like it a bit when they lose). The Cowboys are the only team I really root against.
He’s been saying that since the opening presser  
mattlawson : 11/17/2020 8:58 am : link
It was a head turner then and the team is showing steady signs of improvement. Coaching. Adjustments. And no excuses when things don’t go their way.

Fully endorse the coach right now
Judge has said stuff like this  
JB_in_DC : 11/17/2020 9:08 am : link
since his initial press conference, and I love it. A shallow view of New York is: skyline, wall street, broadway, etc. But there's 20M people in the NYC Metro area and its more densely populated with hardworking middle and working class people than anywhere else in the country who care a hell of a lot more about their teams scoring than about scoring $1000 Hamilton tickets.
Win or lose,  
Pete in MD : 11/17/2020 9:13 am : link
I wear my Giants gear. If someone gives me crap, I politely tell them to eff off.
yea i have to laugh at having to defend your NYG fandom  
djm : 11/17/2020 10:18 am : link
to a a bunch of 45 year old Pats fans who wouldn't know Scott Zolak from Zoloft or Tony Eason from a hole in the wall. Seriously, feel free to launch into a vocal tirade any time one of those mutants up there talk any shit. Also fell free to start singing "the song is over" because the Pats are fucking done. Enjoy going 8-8. Done.
Being from Massachusetts also Bob I know how you feel.  
Blue21 : 11/17/2020 10:24 am : link
People ask me all the time why I'm a Giants fan. I have to tell them I've been a fan since I was a kid (a long time ago even before the Patriots even existed) and always stayed loyal. If anyone gives me crap I remind them of our two Super Bowl wins and how crappy a franchise they had until Parcells saved the day for them. Many don't recall or want to recall much before then. The two Super Bowl victories comment usually changes the subject.
RE: How old is he? I thought 39.  
cjac : 11/17/2020 10:31 am : link
In comment 15048563 jsuds said:
If so not getting how he remembers the seventies.
Just saying.
I am so grateful he is our coach.

The comment about the 70s came from the OP, not from Joe Judge. Judges comments are in quotes in the first paragraph
Won't wearing Giants gear  
lugnut : 11/17/2020 11:39 am : link
in New England get you killed by some a**hole from Southie?

BTW, my favorite line from Joe Judge remains one of his first statements at his intro presser: "We are going to punch you in the nose for 60 minutes." Just love that way out of proportion.
I will add a quote from the unpopular (among Big Blue fans) Tom Brady  
Milton : 11/17/2020 11:51 am : link
“I’ve learned that football season always starts after Thanksgiving and we’re not quite there yet. We got one more game to go and we’ll really see where we stand. This is when teams really start to rise to the occasion. This is where you see the commitment, the discipline, the hard work. This is where you really see how things pay off.”

The next several weeks are Schrodinger's Cat. Have the last couple weeks been a sign of what's ahead or fool's gold? We won't know until we open the box and see what Santa has delivered!
Hey Bob  
Milton : 11/17/2020 11:53 am : link
Where in Massachusetts?
i live in Massachusetts and have no problem wearing Giants gear.  
markky : 11/17/2020 1:53 pm : link
my daughter made me proud by wearing her Giants jersey to high school even though we sucked. she toughed it out.
I'm a New Yorker and for much of my life  
Bob from Massachusetts : 11/17/2020 4:30 pm : link
Massachusetts and California and everywhere else except maybe New Jersey and Connecticut were just "somewhere else". But life led me up here and to being a Red Sox fan (hold your boos). Been up here for more than 30 years and still miss The City even though I feel more and more like a tourist when I visit now. But the stress is lower and it's a very pretty city, so no complaints. And Brady is gone, even though now they show The Bucs on TV instead of the Giants (sigh)
Not for nothing  
Route 9 : 11/17/2020 4:31 pm : link
but I just don't see as many people wearing NFL gear around like I used to around 1995 or 1996 or so - especially jerseys.
I would risk wearing gear in Massachusetts  
PA Aggie : 11/18/2020 9:27 am : link
18-1, Eli winning two over tommy boy...but here in central PA, it's maybe a bit different.

Redskins (oops!? WTF football team) fans are pretty cool because they have had success years ago, but have sucked for a long time and can commiserate.

Ravens fans are a bit...odd. A lot of younger 'band wagon' fans. Slightly older ones will constantly remind you of their SB win over Big Blue, but overall, pretty mellow.

Steelers fans....arrogant comes to mind. Maybe they have a right due to steady success, but usually are a bit douchey.

Eagles fans? What can I say...generally jerks to begin with, especially after their SB win. You do have to be careful with displaying gear. I have had theft and damage to 'Giants' stuff on my car. And their dominance over us for too long has made it worse. They always treated the upcoming Giants game with a shrug and a mention of a sure win. So I guess last sunday's win was a bit extra special for some of us in the eagles' fan territory. The writers and fans are melting down calling for Wentz and Pederson to go. So sweet!

We all here are seeing a slow but steady improvement to this team. While one big win doesn't guarantee future success, you can't deny this team is far better in attitude, performance, and coaching. There are still some areas where we are thin on talent. We will likely see some more losses this season, but this win was huge.

Maybe we have turned the corner? Sometimes one game can be the catalyst. Maybe this chronic losing will stop and the Giants can once again, become relevant. Wear your gear. Maybe with a bit more pride now. And if someone gives you crap, just remember, some people suck.
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