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What impact to the defense will be with the return

Mark in ATL : 11/19/2020 10:38 am
of the following players: Ximines, Crowder, Colbert, Lewis, and McKinney? You goes upon their return to the active roster?
I wouldn't expect a big impact from any of them right away  
Jay on the Island : 11/19/2020 10:42 am : link
But McKinney and Crowder have the chance to make the biggest impact once they are in game shape. McKinney especially improves the defense just by his presence. It allows Logan Ryan to spend more time at CB plus they can deploy 3 safety packages which was the plan before McKinney was injured.

Mayo and Downs are just big liabilities in coverage at least Crowder provides value there.
McKinney's a rookie and an unknown  
JonC : 11/19/2020 10:44 am : link
The others are most likely players that will be upgraded in time. Lewis showed well in some spots, some untimely penalties. Not much else for me, no big boost expected.
Oh by far I'm most hopeful about Ximines  
SirYesSir : 11/19/2020 10:55 am : link
we've been getting away with scheme so far for pass rush, but if we can have some guys do it on their own it could free up a lot of options.

They've been working without X and Carter most of the year...could be very important to get that back
It's a great question  
SLIM_ : 11/19/2020 11:05 am : link
and a pretty exciting one at that. It's tough to say but I'm going to answer a slightly different question... which player could change the offseason. In that order, I will go with ...

1. Crowder. He flashed in a couple of games. He has the speed/athleticism to be a key player moving forward so the next 6 games could solidify a starting spot for him and eliminate inside linebacker as a need. Right now, it isn't the highest priority need but is definitely in the second tier.

2. Ximines - He's at the spot where he needs to continue on his progression from last year. He has flashed as a pass rusher (last year not this) but hasn't shown he can play the run well. I have him as second only because I think the Giants (even if Ximines plays light out), need to prioritze edge rushers in the offseason and add at least 1 proven vet or high draft pick to the equation.

3. McKinney. He is coming in very cold without any games played in the league and his conditioning is probably worse than the other 2. I don't think he can fail enough on the field where he wouldn't be considered a starter next year.
Jay above with the relevant take  
LBH15 : 11/19/2020 11:12 am : link
that Crowder has shown to provide clear value over Downs and Mayo who are actually liabilities. This is an upgrade.

McKinney will be interesting to see if he shows enough game awareness to make some plays at this level as a rookie and being out so long.

The rest...ehh.
I find X Mans Pass Rush technique and use of hands  
fanoftheteam : 11/19/2020 11:15 am : link
To be better than anyone we have on the roster. Was hoping for him to breakout this year. Hoping that can come to fruition in these last 6 (or more) games. Confident with the way this tram is clicking.
Agree....key removing: Downs & Mayo from defense  
George from PA : 11/19/2020 11:32 am : link
Adding McKinney, Crowder and Xmen would be great....

but not seeing Downs and Mayo missing tackles and late to the action will be just as exciting.
Crowder - we desperately needs what he brings to the table  
Zeke's Alibi : 11/19/2020 11:33 am : link
or we are going to get shredded over the middle in the passing game against teams that can take advantage of it. Hopefully he stays healthy for the Ravens game.

2a - XMAN- I really think his game is a great fit for our defense. Giving some consistent push on the edges and we are going to swallow QBs whole

2b - McKinney - I LOVED this pick, but he's coming off a foot injury. That is always dicey, especially for a guy with a mediocre athletic profile for a safety. If he can play though, it enables Logan Ryan to play a swiss army type. We can bring Peppers down into the box on passing downs, which is where you really want him to be.

Bye came at the perfect time.
wish I had  
uther99 : 11/19/2020 12:24 pm : link
a dollar for every time someone mentions Ximines' potential and flashes. He's a JAG
I have no idea what anyone sees in Ximenes  
Greg from LI : 11/19/2020 12:41 pm : link
He is so very, very slow.
Ximines just isn't a talented enough athlete  
Eric on Li : 11/19/2020 12:46 pm : link
he actually seems to have the best understanding of how to rush the passer, but he's undersized, underpowered, and lacking the speed/quickness to make up for it.

If you combined his feel for positioning against OL and Carter's athleticism it would be a good player but I don't see it happening for either guy unfortunately.

McKinney on the other hand could be a difference maker. We need to hope that pick works out and he can be a Budda Baker/Minkah Fitzpatrick type of playmaker for us.

Crowder, Lewis, and Colbert will help with depth but none are going to make a big impact.
McKinney in a landslide  
mittenedman : 11/19/2020 1:03 pm : link
will have the most impact.

The "achilles heel" of this D - IMO - is the lack of talent at deep S. As an example - look at the deep ball Wentz chucked up at the end of the Eagles game. (IIRC it was 3rd and 16 and he just heaved it as far as he could.)

Should've been an easy INT - it was just hanging there like a punt - but Julian Love was lost, and almost committed a costly DPI penalty.

McKinney has similar range to Kenny Phillips. He's going to add a dimension to this Defense.
RE: Oh by far I'm most hopeful about Ximines  
Angel Eyes : 11/19/2020 2:45 pm : link
In comment 15051248 SirYesSir said:
we've been getting away with scheme so far for pass rush, but if we can have some guys do it on their own it could free up a lot of options.

They've been working without X and Carter most of the year...could be very important to get that back

I haven't seen much from Ximines that indicates he'll be a great rushbacker like a 3-4 defense needs. Didn't have a sack this year before his injury.
Can't comment on McKinney  
Gman11 : 11/19/2020 3:47 pm : link
Have never seen him play.

The others? Could be a slight upgrade to what's on the roster now, but I don't think any of them are difference makers.
Xman, Crowder and McKinney are all talented, fast and fill positions  
Spider56 : 11/19/2020 4:23 pm : link
of need ... in terms of expectations, X was a 3rd round pick but from a small school ... Crowder was the last player drafted but was a leading tackler on a good Georgia defense and a semi finalist for the Butkus award ... McKinney was the 36th player taken and said to be a steal of the draft. Let’s hope all play a lot of snaps and do good things.
Ximenes is fast? Are you trying to be funny?  
Greg from LI : 11/19/2020 4:35 pm : link
He is absolutely not fast. When he runs, he looks like he's in wet cement.
Can all those guys  
pjcas18 : 11/19/2020 4:44 pm : link
really come back?

I am not up to date on all the IR rules with COVID, so you're not limited to the number of players who can go on IR and return?

I know McKinney is coming back, but all the others too?
uther99 : 11/19/2020 5:49 pm : link
has a cool nickname and that's it. I've been hearing about him and Carter "making the leap" for what feels like a decade. enough already
X-Man - Undersized & Slow?  
Samiam : 11/19/2020 6:47 pm : link
Both? A 3rd Round pick? Another bad choice.
RE: X-Man - Undersized & Slow?  
Zeke's Alibi : 11/19/2020 7:53 pm : link
In comment 15051700 Samiam said:
Both? A 3rd Round pick? Another bad choice.

He’s certainly not a quick twitch athlete, however he isn’t undersized for 3/4 edge. In fact he’s very powerful for his size. He’s very technical and strong. Curious what he looks like moving into year 3. Guy has only played in a handful of games.
RE: Xman  
djm : 11/19/2020 10:35 pm : link
In comment 15051649 uther99 said:
has a cool nickname and that's it. I've been hearing about him and Carter "making the leap" for what feels like a decade. enough already

Wtf are you talking about xman was here one year prior to this one and he finished with 4.5 sacks in his rookie year. It’s been a year and I wouldn’t say people were going hype crazy by any stretch. And carter was playing very well this year prior to the injury. Yea the stats only 1.5 sacks watch the games. Read the reviews too. Carter DID flash.
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