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Will the offensive line regress....

MTN-G-man : 11/19/2020 10:43 pm
with a new coach taking over and changing what they have been building on, or is it a matter of tweaking?
I guess well have to watch  
fanoftheteam : 11/19/2020 10:50 pm : link
A few games?
I don’t think so  
cjac : 11/19/2020 10:57 pm : link
Judge got heavily involved recently which contributed to the recent improvement. So I don’t anticipate a regression
Saquads26 : 11/19/2020 11:25 pm : link
I thing they will get better..  
edavisiii : 11/20/2020 4:16 am : link
It is obvious that the latest improvement on the offensive line was the result of Joe Judge getting directly involved, not Colombo's teaching. So, if anything I think the line will continue to get better now that everybody is on the same page.
Question for those who have coached ...  
Spider56 : 11/20/2020 7:30 am : link
What exactly does the OL coach do during a game and how long should it take the Duge to get up to speed? Assuming he actually ‘started’ last week, he has to learn the players, skill sets, the play book & formations, game plans, schemes, adjustments, etc. So can he contribute and / or control in only 2+ weeks or is it going to take longer? Thanks.
RE: Question for those who have coached ...  
section125 : 11/20/2020 7:38 am : link
In comment 15051894 Spider56 said:
What exactly does the OL coach do during a game and how long should it take the Duge to get up to speed? Assuming he actually ‘started’ last week, he has to learn the players, skill sets, the play book & formations, game plans, schemes, adjustments, etc. So can he contribute and / or control in only 2+ weeks or is it going to take longer? Thanks.

A coach with DeGuglielmo's experience can watch film and in a day or two see what each guy is doing wrong and where they need help. It will take longer on personalities. And while the individual plays may have different names, they are still the same basic blocking techniques. Pass blocking is pass blocking. How Garrett sees the run blocks being set up should not take long. There is nothing new under the Sun, just terminology.
I doubt a regression. Changes in technique and/or scheme have resulted  
Ivan15 : 11/20/2020 7:45 am : link
In improvement. If DeG is only brought in to continue to teach what Judge wants and frees up Judge to focus elsewhere, that’s still a good thing.
And Judge is not going to dump this in Garrett’s and DeG’s lockers and leave them to work it out themselves. He is going to make sure they understand what he wants.

Garrett should be and has been enjoying the credit for offensive improvement. I’m sure his support for Colombo was enough to get him hired but I doubt he demanded that Colombo should be hired. Garrett changed o-line coaches and coordinators a lot at Dallas. He also kept his head down and kept his job so he isn’t going to make a lot of noise about this situation.

If you told me Hal Hunter was coming back, I would say regression is likely.
Good question  
ZogZerg : 11/20/2020 7:56 am : link
We'll have to wait and see.
The bye week should help.
I assume that there won't be any drastic changes to the coaching, but who knows.
I think the line  
mushroom : 11/20/2020 8:52 am : link
Will get better. Coaches will be on the same page. Less mixed messages which will be great especially for the young players who are still trying to master the pro game
No regression at all  
5BowlsSoon : 11/20/2020 9:22 am : link
The line was improving once Judge got involved. This new coach is obviously trusted by Judge so I’m sure he will be coaching them up quite nicely....unlike what Colombo was doing.

On a side note, I don’t think Garrett is in any way upset with Judge for how this played out. Garrett, of all people, knows the pressure and demands of being a HC. I’m sure he knows it is Judge’s head on the line and that Judge is responsible to do what needs to be done to be successful. Plus, I’m sure he got Colombo the job so he did his part. It’s not his fault Colombo’s pride and ego got him fired.

Lastly, I’m sure Garrett wants the offense to run smoothly, because that makes him look good. Everyone knows the bad OL play of the first 6 weeks deeply affected our offense, which made Garrett look bad. I’m sure Garrett noticed the change when Judge got involved with the OL. I bet he feels sorry for even going to bat for Colombo.

Garrett bleeds blue too, you know!
it sounds like colombo was holding them back  
japanhead : 11/20/2020 9:27 am : link
and that's why judge stepped in, to coach the unit himself and hired a consultant he trusted to take over in that regard. if they regress over the rest of the season i'll be surprised.
PaulN : 11/20/2020 10:10 am : link
Worked with him 2 years in New England, interviewed him, spoke with him and was going to hire him as a consultant anyway, which lead to Columbo thinking he was being undermined, so obviously there was a disagreement between Columbo and Judge and an agreement between him and DeGuglielmo, now Judge has the voice he wants there, this should help a lot in the shorterm.
IMO here's the best explanation of why the change was made  
arniefez : 11/20/2020 10:16 am : link
“It’s different,” Colombo said last week. “In Dallas, you had a couple of Hall of Famers, a perennial Pro Bowler, that type of deal. It was just about getting those guys the right amount of reps in every practice so they were ready and confident going into a game. Here, it’s every little tiny detail. You don’t take anything for granted.”

Hopefully the next change is at OC so Judge can get his own guy in there too. It's pretty obvious the Mara's hired Garrett and Garrett pushed to hire Columbo. It also seems Judge has gotten more involved with the details on the entire offense including play design and play calling.
my gut says line will improve further...  
x meadowlander : 11/20/2020 10:18 am : link
...Columbo's firing at a time when the line was improving indicates either a undisclosed firable offense or at the least - poor chemistry between the coach and the players.

I haven't heard any complaints from the players - if they're good with it, than safe bet that losing Columbo is a consensus improvement.

If this backfires? If the firing was unjustified, and the line regresses, it could be the end of Judge.
Guge is supposedly a good Oline Coach,  
Simms11 : 11/20/2020 10:40 am : link
Just a bit of a head case. It'll be interesting, but IMO I don't think there will be a drop off.
I have a really hard time  
djm : 11/20/2020 11:10 am : link
Believing that the giants OL was solely built on the coaching of Colombo and it’s now going to just collapse with his departure. I ain’t giving any position coach that much credit let alone Colombo.

Giants entire team is playing because the players have had 3-4 full months now to absorb everything and Judge’s influence is taking hold. Colombo May have helped to some extent I won’t say he didn’t at all but let’s slow down on how much impact he had here.

Question very difficult to answer  
LBH15 : 11/20/2020 11:33 am : link
And basically impossible for anybody on BBI.
The only reason I might expect a short term  
Now Mike in MD : 11/20/2020 11:43 am : link
regression is if there is a major overhaul of techniques and it takes awhile for those to become second nature. If it's tweaking thing, probably not
RE: Guge is supposedly a good Oline Coach,  
Johnny5 : 11/20/2020 11:47 am : link
In comment 15052108 Simms11 said:
Just a bit of a head case. It'll be interesting, but IMO I don't think there will be a drop off.

You just described Colombo as well
chemistry with the coach  
fkap : 11/20/2020 12:03 pm : link
is important, too. If the players relate better with D, that's a plus. If the players related better with C than they will with D, that's a minus.

I think caution is advised before putting too much credit on Judge for improved line play. He might have been heavily involved recently and the key, or he might have stopped in the OL meeting to say hi, and a mountain is being made out of a molehill. I don't think we really know, at this point.

I think that IF Judge was getting involved and at odds with C, that would be bad for the players, having to satisfy both bosses. If Judge and D are on the same wavelength, that should lead to better chemistry all around. In this regards, it's probably better C was dumped. Introducing yet another fly in the ointment was a disaster waiting to happen.

I would hope that Judge and D are wise enough to have continuity and merely tweak the system, rather than attempting a full revamp in mid season.
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