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NFT: VanVleet back to Toronto...

Mike in St. Louis : 11/21/2020 1:06 pm
4 years, $85 million...looks like the Knicks strike out again this year in free agency...

also Portis to year with a player option...
Too bad. FVV would have been a great signing  
Ira : 11/21/2020 1:36 pm : link
Hayward to Charlotte...  
Mike in St. Louis : 11/21/2020 3:06 pm : link
so much for him wanting to play in Indy...
I'm glad the Knicks are holding the line  
81_Great_Dane : 11/21/2020 6:10 pm : link
and neither trading picks nor overpaying for over-the-hill, overpriced veterans. The Knicks have a poisonous reputation, and that's not going to change until they start to play better and Dolan keeps his nose out of the team, as he's done with the Rangers. Free agents aren't going to want to come to the Knicks until things change.
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