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Ravens close facility after "multiple" positive tests.

Mad Mike : 11/23/2020 3:01 pm
They found out Sunday night which raises issues for the Titans as well. Baltimore is scheduled to play Pitt Thursday night.

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section125 : 11/23/2020 3:33 pm : link
could take out two teams at once.
The way Lamar Jackson has played for me this year in FFL  
GiantBlue : 11/23/2020 3:35 pm : link
You would think he has had it from Game 1!


But this really throws a wrench into Thursday night potentially.
With the way cases are spiking in the general population,  
81_Great_Dane : 11/23/2020 3:52 pm : link
it's getting harder to keep the virus out of a team's facility. There's going to be more of this between now and the playoffs than there has been up to this point.

I think it can be managed, but things are going to get ragged. Rescheduled games, etc.
Could the NFL do a bubble for the playoffs?  
widmerseyebrow : 11/23/2020 3:55 pm : link
Fewer teams, much more at stake.
It's weird how these announcements seem to come on Mondays  
Mellowmood92 : 11/23/2020 4:14 pm : link
more often than not.
Mark Ingram and JK Dobbins tested positive  
jvm52106 : 11/23/2020 4:16 pm : link
for Covid and Brandon Williams is considered a close contact.

All three are out for Thursday.
RE: It's weird how these announcements seem to come on Mondays  
Route 9 : 11/23/2020 5:34 pm : link
In comment 15055145 Mellowmood92 said:
more often than not.

Pay the right someone off and promise to put a bunch of catchphrases on everything and all of a sudden, you're the only active sport on during a pandemic. Odd. 🤔
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