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Post-Game Transcript: DB Logan Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/29/2020 6:05 pm
NYG Postgame (at Cincinnati Bengals) Transcripts: DB Logan Ryan

November 29, 2020

Q: Niko Lalos, obviously a great diving interception and he held up the tight end so you could come over and knock the ball out. What does it say about a guy who was on the practice squad two days ago to make two huge plays like that?

A: I’m happy for him. First career start, an interception, a shout out from Lebron (James), I don’t think it gets better than that. He works extremely hard. Niko is there early, he’s one of the early birds, part of the early riser crew. He puts a lot of work in, and I think he was elevated today because we needed him, I think he was elevated today because of his work ethic every day on scout team, he plays offense and defense. I’m happy he was rewarded today, it’s a great story.

Q: When Daniel (Jones) goes out, do you guys on defense look around and say, “It’s up to us”?

A: We always feel like it’s up to us. I wish the best for Daniel, I hope it all comes back clean. But defensively, good defenses travel. We have to pack it up on the road and set the tone, it doesn’t matter what the offense is doing. We got to get it done on defense. A lot of us are on kickoff and kickoff return, so that’s on us to make it up. We are trying to hunt the ball and play good defense, and we were able to get out in the second half and hold on to that one.

Q: How would you describe how this experience has been with the Giants? Is this an organization you could see yourself sticking around at?

A: Definitely. I’m (New) Jersey made, it’s been a blessing for me to be here. A lot of things had to happen for me personally in free agency for this situation to come up. As we know, it’s been an extremely weird year, but I always trust the process, trust where I’m at, I feel like I’m in the right place at the right time. Free agency, the question is going to come up time and time again, but we don’t even know the salary cap for next year. I have 30-something days left in this regular season and I’ve made the postseason a lot in my career, and it’s one game at a time for me. This was a must win, do whatever it takes by any means, empty the tank. Next week against Seattle it’s whatever it takes, by any means, empty the tank. I told these guys before the game that winning is a mentality, you have to wake up like a winner, move like a winner, practice like a winner. We’re starting to move like winners, play like winners, starting to believe that we can win each and every game. I think that takes time; it has to be developed. I think we’re developing it for sure, I’m proud of the group and I’m proud of the win today.

Q: What does it say about where you guys are as a team that you’re getting contributions from so many unexpected guys?

A: Guys’ hard work is paying off. They’re getting opportunities and making the most of it. We’re a bunch of underdogs, a bunch of guys who were written off in our careers, and that’s what Joe (Judge) wants; he wants guys with a chip on their shoulders, he wants guys who are tough, and we’re building a culture here where if you work in practice day in and day out, you’ll get an opportunity. And when you get that opportunity, it’s your job to make the most of it. A lot of guys, like you said, aren’t premier big-name players in this league, but they’re a bunch of guys who work hard and play like big players in big moments. I’m happy for those guys, and I’m proud of this blue-collar, chip on their shoulder, group that we have, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Q: What do you think when someone says, “this team is in first place right now”?

A: Who cares? Who honestly cares, it’s like a tie. We’re in first place for a minute, and then someone else plays. I think we got Seattle next week, it’s going to be our biggest test of the year, on the road. I’ve never played there, I’ve played in a lot of stadiums, I haven’t played in Seattle. I’ve obviously played Russ (Russell Wilson) in some big games, so I’m excited to go against him again. He's a great player, and I’m going to do everything in my power, watch as much film, and get prepared to play well against him. He does a good job of making defenses look bad, and I’m going to bring everyone with me that wants to be there, and we’re going to watch film, and we’re going to play Seattle tough.

Q: Your four wins are against teams with losing records, these are opportunities coming up to beat teams with winning records, do you feel like this team has something to prove in that regard?

A: I don’t care if a team is 0-12, I’m trying to win. I don’t care what their record is. I say winning is a mentality, and obviously we didn’t start the year hot, that's ok. I believe that years of losing can bring a type of culture, a type of onus over a team. We dug ourselves out of that hole, we’re not front-runners, we started off in the back of the pack, and now we’re in the middle of the pack. It’s our job to finish strong; I don’t want to play with anybody who starts fast and doesn’t finish. We didn’t start fast, but we worked, we believed, and that’s where we are now. I don’t know what their records are, line them up, we have to play them, this is not the team from the beginning, this is not the team that played Pittsburgh in week one, you know that, watch the film. Hopefully we have a winning record one day, but I’m taking it one game at a time.
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