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Transcript: CB James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/3/2020 5:03 pm
CB James Bradberry

December 3, 2020

Q: How is everything going with the situation you had to deal with and anything you can share about that?

A: I’m going to keep it at it is was a family matter I had to tend to. Everything is fine right now.

Q: You face all the best receivers in the NFL this year, the last couple of years in the NFC South. How good is DK Metcalf? Have you ever seen anybody quite with his set of tools?

A: My past history, I was in the NFC South. I had to deal with a lot of big, physical receivers that could run. I would say he is similar to their skill set. Physical, 6-4, runs a 4.3, he can run. He’s definitely a hard matchup. Definitely a challenge for us Sunday.

Q: Do you like getting that number one receiver? I know sometimes you get the number one guy. Then sometimes you maybe get the number two guy and you rotate on the number one guy and you take number two out of it? What do you prefer?

A: It really doesn’t matter to me. I just prefer trying to get the football. This game is all about interceptions and turnovers. However I can do that, I take pride in that. I also take pride in guarding the opposing team’s number one receiver. If that becomes the case on Sunday, then I’m going to take pride in that as well.

Q: Obviously Metcalf has had some big games like he had on Monday night. Jalen Ramsey did a pretty good job shutting him down. When you watch that tape, was there anything you can take from that? What did you see that he did so well?

A: I think he guarded him well down the field. Especially on the deeper throws, like on the nine routes and stuff. From the past film that I’ve seen, that’s pretty much where all his yardage comes from, on the deep throws, the nine routes. If you take that away from him, the explosive plays, I think you will do a pretty good job against him.

Q: You talk about the deep routes, how good is Russell Wilson at throwing those?

A: When you add the fact that he is playing with an elite quarterback, it makes your job even tougher. Russell Wilson is going to buy time with his legs. Even when he doesn’t do that, he’s going to put the ball on the money most of the time. It’s definitely a challenge facing the receivers and at quarterback.

Q: You sit down on Monday night and watch that game? If so, what did you see from DK?

A: I saw the highlights. He went against an elite cornerback in Darius Slay. I have a lot of respect for him. I just saw a physical guy that was strong, and he pretty much won a lot of 50-50 balls. When you’re a physical, big receiver, the quarterback is going to give you leeway and throw it up to you. You have to go up there and make a play.

Q: How much does he resemble Julio Jones to you? It’s that or Calvin Johnson when you hear people compare him. Those are three really big body guys with the speed. You’ve faced Julio and now you’ve studied DK. Do you see similarities there?

A: They definitely have a similar skill set. They’re both 6-3, 6-4, physical receivers and can run. I think both ran 4.3. If Julio didn’t run a 4.3 at the combine, he sure enough runs it when he’s on the field. Both of them are fast, can run routes.

Q: Julio was drafted pretty high, I’m sure he ran fast.

A: Oh yeah, for sure. (Laughing) It’s Julio.

Q: What does it mean to you that Coach Judge gave you a game ball for last week? I think part of that was for your performance in the game. I think it was pretty much the entire week that you went through and how you handled things.

A: It meant a lot. I knew they were going to allow me to go home. I handled the matter that I had at hand. It felt good coming back and being acknowledged for taking time away having to deal with a certain issue and then coming back and performing on Sunday. It always feels good when your coaches show you some attention. I knew I had to come back on Sunday and play ball. That’s why I was locked in on Zoom meetings and stuff. It’s part of the job. I want to be able to put my best foot forward when I step on the field on Sunday.

Q: Along those same lines, what was it like? It sounded like from what your coaches said, that they encouraged you to not only go home and take care of it but if you don’t want to play, then don’t play in this game. It sounded like you were the one that pushed and said no, I’m going to stay locked in. I’m going to play. How difficult was that whole process for you?

A: I think it was difficult at first. Coming up with a decision if I was going to play or not. I saw the way Logan Ryan handled his situation. We had other guys that dealt with a similar situation that I was dealing with at the time. They were here every day. The coaches were here every day. I felt like I didn’t have an excuse to miss Sunday. I know I had to come back Sunday.

Q: What is it about Russell Wilson’s deep ball that’s a little different? He gets a lot of talk for it being kind of a floater or a rainbow.

A: When you compare it to a rainbow, the thing about a rainbow is when it comes down and the receiver has the basket, it kind of falls right on top of it. It’s hard for a cornerback that’s either on the side of the receiver or behind him to make a play because it drops in over their head. Versus if he had a guy who threw a ball short and it came at a different angle straight down. I’m able to get my hand up and knock it down. If it comes over top, even if you’re tall, it’s hard for you to make a play on that.

Q: You guys have made some strides as a pass defense. Not to disrespect your past opponents, but this is a step up. Are you interested to see how you guys respond to such an explosive offense?

A: Yeah, I think we are going to handle it well. We’re a confident defense. We feel like we can go against any offense in this league. We’re excited about the matchup, the challenge at hand. We’re looking to go out there and dominate, that’s our whole goal. To go out there and dominate.
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