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Transcript: DL Dalvin Tomlinson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/14/2020 6:15 pm
DL Dalvin Tomlinson

December 14, 2020

Q: You guys had a tough time getting after Kyler (Murray), tough time stopping the run. It wasn’t the typical defensive line performance. Why do you think that was?

A: It just was one of those (games) where you had to pay attention to all the key details and small things. We didn’t execute to our ability. We have to make sure we execute at the level we want to.

Q: When you saw that every team in the NFC East won but you guys, what’s the reaction to falling out of (1st place)? There’s a way to go but you were controlling your own destiny if you believe in that saying and now, you’re not.

A: We just want to take it one week at a time. Like you said, we didn’t finish last game like we wanted to. We have to just come in and go back to trusting the process and go back to work. Improve and take it one week at a time and focus next week.

Q: Honestly, if I asked you about the NFC East and ask you for the order and records of the four teams, can you give them to me?

A: Not at all.

Q: Not even close? Not even withing a game or two?

A: I don’t look at the records. I just focus on us week in and week out. Who our opponent is and pretty much the game plan. I don’t focus on other teams and if they won or lost. For the most part, I just want to come in week in and week out and grind.

Q: The fact that you guys are in a playoff race and dropped from first to second. I know that’s not your main focus. It has to be some kind of a focus because the playoffs are always a carat that a player wants to get. What do the playoffs mean at this point?

A: The playoffs are everything. As a team, you want to go to the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl and win a Super Bowl. That’s the biggest thing across the teams in the NFL. We have to take it one week at a time and take it step by step. If we look too far ahead, you miss out on the moment now.

Q: I know every opponent is different. In general, what do you think your team blueprint is for winning a game?

A: Physicality, on the defensive side it’s all physicality. We have players and coaches and we’re all built on physicality up front, especially up front. We have to be physical. We have to set edges, we have to break up passes, we have to deflect passes. Hit the quarterback and you just have to be physical across the board.

Q: You think physicality was missing in that game yesterday? Is it a different kind of opponent than you’re used to that gave you other problems? Did you guys have failings yourself?

A: I just feel like we didn’t execute the game plan. I feel like across the board, we didn’t execute the small things I would say.

Q: It hasn’t been that long ago that you guys made a huge trade with the team you’re playing. You guys traded obviously Odell (Beckham Jr.) to Cleveland. What do you remember at the time when that went down? Several years later, part of that pay off was that Dex (Dexter Lawrence II) is part of what you got back in return and him being a part of your line now.

A: What’s the question?

Q: What do you remember thinking when he was traded? Part of the payoff is Dex is on your team.

A: I would just say whatever players are in the building are the ones I’m going to go to war wait. I love all the players I’ve had an opportunity to play with. I love Dex to death. Whoever is in the building is who I’m going to go to war with each and every day and go work with. Whoever is in the building is who I’m going to work with.

Q: How big a part of your line has he been?

A: Dex is huge part of our defensive line. He’s a big contributor to our defensive line, he makes plays. He’s just a big person you could say, he takes up a lot of space.

Q: Will you watch tonight’s game with a little more interest since you play the Browns? Do you have any general impressions of how they’ve played this year and how you might need to attack them?

A: Yeah, I’ll watch the game a little. I’ll probably watch half of it. I can’t watch the whole thing. I’ll get too involved in trying to break down stuff. They will play every team differently. I want to break down the film and things like that tomorrow and Wednesday. To see how they’re going to attack us.

Q: You have any general impressions from the outside of how they’ve been and what kind of challenge they will present to your defense?

A: They have good running backs and they have some stars on offense we have to shut down on defense. We have to stop the run is the key thing. If you don’t stop the run, you won’t have the opportunity to affect the pass. That’s probably the biggest thing.

Q: Do you think there is a sense among the players now that you really lost the opportunity yesterday? Not only with the loss but just how it went. That was very atypical of not playing a close game at all.

A: I think we all have a bad taste in our mouth. Like you said, I wouldn’t say it’s a lost opportunity. I just feel like we didn’t play the football we wanted to play. We have to come out this week and play how we want to play and show some Giants football.

Q: With only three games left, I know it’s not a lot. Do you think this team will not play a game like you did yesterday in terms of how it got away?

A: Yeah, that’s the mentality and one of the focuses. We just don’t want to make the same mistakes we made this past week. We want to build off of that game and learn from the mistakes we made and just not repeat them.
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