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Post-Game Transcript: DB Logan Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/27/2020 6:14 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Ravens) Transcripts: DB Logan Ryan

December 27, 2020

Q: Obviously, stopping the run has been a strength for you guys this season. I know [Ravens Quarterback] Lamar Jackson is a unique challenge, but what do you think wasn’t working especially in the beginning of the game there? In the first quarter, it seemed like they were really running it down your throats.

A: Playing Baltimore, like you said, you can’t really mirror Lamar Jackson, it’s something you’ve got to get adjusted to in the game. They did a good job of keeping third downs manageable, rushing for four or five at a time, keeping it 3rd-and-2. Third-and-two, they have their run available, they have their pass available. They get to the red area, you’ve got to hold Baltimore – who’s known to move the ball, known to rush the ball really well, they have a high rushing average – we’ve got hold them to field goals, get the turnovers, the plays that get them off rhythm, and we didn’t get that. We didn’t make those turnovers early enough, we weren't good enough in the red area to make it three-nothing, six-nothing or whatever. When you have a running quarterback like Lamar Jackson and they’re committing 11 guys to run the ball and the fullback’s 300 pounds, I mean they’re going to move the ball a bit, but you’ve just got to manage those situations like I keep talking about. So ‘run it down our throats,’ I mean that’s what the stats may say, but guys were out there banging today, guys were out there finishing. Call it what you want to call it, but until you put the pads on and really understand the physicality of the game, I think we don’t call it that.

Q: You guys have lost three straight now all against good teams by fairly wide margins. If things don’t go your way in the games this afternoon and you are eliminated from the playoffs, will you think differently about this team than you would if you were still alive in Week 17?

A: Never. I don’t let results dictate my personality, I don’t let results dictate the character of the team. You may lose on the scoreboard, that doesn’t make you a loser in life. This team is hard-fought, this team is blue-collar. We’ve been there from the beginning. This team has been through lows and came back, had wins, then had a loss after that and had another loss or whatever it may be. But this team came out to fight. Credit to Baltimore, they were good today, we know they were good, we came in their stadium and they’re good, they win here a lot and they won today, but to allow the result of a football game to dictate what I think about my teammates, I guess you weren’t watching in the fourth quarter, the last drive there, and we’re scratching and clawing and get a goal line stand. I think we’re fighters and we’ll fight regardless of the scoreboard. That’s what I’m here for, that’s what the Giants brought me back to do and I’ve got my head held high because I know what I laid on the line for my teammates.

Q: Joe Judge was talking earlier about the culture being set here and he feels good about that. You are now signed up for three more years of that culture. Do you agree with that and why? And how do you feel about signing that new contract?

A: I feel extremely grateful and blessed. I’ve been through quite a journey of ups and downs this last year, as many people have in 2020, and it definitely hit my personal family hard, my wife. Rocky road there not being signed for a minute, but I found a newfound belief in myself, my belief in myself as a player, as a leader and I believe the organization believed in me as well. I wouldn’t sign a deal two weeks before free agency if I didn’t believe in this organization. I believe in the culture set, I believe in the work ethic we put in each and every day. Like I say, you don’t always get the result, but you really see peoples’ true character when they put their all into something and they don’t win, how they come back to work the next day. That’s how I really figure out who should be around me in life when times are going up and times are going down. When I come back from losses and I have the same five texts from the same five people, that’s how I really know who’s around me in life and who really matters. I think that we’ve got some good pieces here to build off of. I think Joe sets a demanding culture to do things the right way and you do them even when you lose and you keep doing them, and one day the wins come your way. We’ve had a taste of that this year. We have everything to play for next week playing the Dallas Cowboys and I don’t think you’re going to see this team packing it in by any means, not if I’m on the field.

Q: You talk about the foundation being here, that it’s already laid. What do you say to the idea that these last three games show you how much growth you still have to make in order to get where you want to be?

A: I think executionally, there’s always growth. There’s learning from every game and every game is its own game. Baltimore presented different challenges than Cleveland. Every game is different and there’s different things in each game plan that you need to execute in order to win. I believe at the level that we’re at, to be a professional, to be a winning professional at this level, I think foundationally you need to have a chance organizationally. I think there’s a great organization here. I think we have great support, I think we have a great fan base that cares and is very demanding, a culture, a coaching staff that gives us a great chance to win, so I do believe we have that. I believe we have a great toughness and resolve to us to come back regardless of what the fans may say, what the media may say from win or loss to go into the next game, so I do believe that. I think the next step is to execute at the highest level against MVPs like Lamar Jackson, some of these top-tier quarterbacks which we’ve played a lot this year. When we executed against them, we looked pretty good. When we didn’t execute, they look like they got their averages, they look like we made them really good quarterbacks. So I think the execution is always something you can improve, but when you talk about culture and attitudes and wins and losses and foundation, I think those things can be set daily with how you practice, how you come to work and I think that’s being set by Joe Judge. That’s what I believe in, that’s why I believe the future’s bright here. Execution-wise, we can always get better, we can always clean that up.

Q: Take us through the deal. Did it just pop up? Is it something that you guys have been working on for a while?

A: It got done fairly quickly. The organization asked me if I wanted to be here, I said yes. They talked to my agent, Joel Segal – who I believe is the best in the business – and he got it done quickly. I think it was a good deal for both sides. I’ve had a lot of things in my career, I’ve had two Super Bowl rings, a lot of big games, 15 playoff games in my career, been the highly favored for four years in New England, been the underdog role in Tennessee, but I haven’t always felt appreciated by the organization for whatever I did that year. I think the Giants really appreciate me for not even just being the player I am on the field, but I think they appreciate what I bring off the field, I think they appreciate what I do in the community, I think they appreciate my wife and I, our family, our struggles, our successes and I think they appreciate the leadership I bring to the team. That feeling of appreciation is what we all look for in life regardless of money, and that’s something I felt was special here and something I wanted to continue to feel, and I wanted to pay that back to the organization by committing here as long as I did.

Q: They had a couple of touchdown passes to guys who were wide open. Why in Week 16 with pretty much the same personnel you've had in the secondary all year were there breakdowns there?

A: I think schematically they’re good play calls. They put a stress on our defense. They were running the ball really well. Sometimes you call calls to stop the run and they have a pass that puts you in a tough position. That’s what makes the Ravens a good offense is when they’re running and throwing, so ideally you want them to play left-handed, you want to take away one thing so you can get a grip on it. But sometimes in football they have a good call and it puts us in a tough position. It’s something that we need to be prepared for, which we are, and it’s something that we need to play better. Hats off to them. When you’re loading the box up, as you do it, it puts a stress on the pass game and that’s what they were able to do. You tip your hat to it, you watch film and you improve.
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