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Transcript: C Nick Gates

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/28/2020 6:13 pm
C Nick Gates

December 28, 2020

Q: As an offensive line, how do you feel you guys handled the Ravens pressure yesterday? How did you feel you guys played as a unit overall?

A: I’d say overall we didn’t play well. We gave up six sacks. We only ran the ball for 54 yards. We just have to be better all around. We have to be better at picking up pressures. All around, just being a better offense.

Q: As far as the playoffs, it would seem unlikely, but you guys are still alive. Because of that four-game win streak, you can get in with a little help. Can you wipe the slate clean and say that no matter how you played against the Ravens, win one and get it and then we belong in the playoffs? Is that how you have to think?

A: I’m just focused on Dallas. We have to beat Dallas first to be able to even think about the playoffs. After we beat them, we have to see if Washington wins. I’m just focused on Dallas and trying to give ourselves the best opportunity.

Q: How connected were you to the other games in the division yesterday when you were on the train coming home? What was it like when you were on the train and you are on the brink of elimination and then you get off the train and you’re still in the race?

A: It’s definitely good to still be in the race and still be able to go to the playoffs. We just have to take care of business next Sunday versus Dallas. Get the win and see if Washington loses. It’s good thinking you’re going to be eliminated to having an opportunity. It was a good feeling even though we would’ve rather won the game and given ourselves a better opportunity.

Q: Can you put us on the train with you? Did you have your iPads out watching the game? Was there a big screen that had the Washington game on? Were you just checking your phones for score updates? Was there a lot of chatter about the game among teammates? How were you following it?

A: I just had the ESPN app and was just looking at that. I was watching film and kind of clicking back and forth trying to keep myself updated a little bit. There wasn’t too much chatter about it. We can’t really be near each other with the social distancing and all tracking (contact tracing) and things like that. You’re in your cart and you’re in your cart.

Q: We haven’t talked to (Will) Hernandez in a couple weeks. I’m wondering how he’s handled what can only be a demotion. He played every snap of his career for three years and now he’s only playing a third of the game. How has he handled that?

A: I don’t want to speak for him. I don’t know how he’s feeling personally. I think from my impression, he’s handled it well. He’s done everything that the coaches have asked him to do. He’s going to keep doing everything he can.

Q: How do you sort of handicap your playoff chances? You need to take care of your business, but you also need some help. I know you guys are concentrating on what’s at stake for you guys. The reality is that carrot is sitting there dangling in front of you.

A: Like you said, we just have to take care of business first with Dallas. Hopefully the Eagles can get the win versus Washington and that sends us to the playoffs. We just have to take it one step at a time and focus on Dallas. That’s going to be our main thing of the week.

Q: Going back to this past game, was there anything the Ravens did? They blitzed a lot in that second half. Was there anything unique about it that was why they had so much success?

A: They knew we had to throw the ball. Any time a team knows you have to throw the ball, they can pin their ears back and go get you and start blitzing you. It’s a tough thing. We just have to get the ball out quicker. Make sure the right hats are on the right hats.

Q: I don’t mean to pick a scab here, 15 sacks over the last three weeks. Have defenses played you a little differently? I know you were just saying that when you’re behind, they know you are going to pass more. Have you noticed more twists or are they doing things that maybe you haven’t seen in the past?

A: Teams have been stunting and twisting on us all year. We were already good at that. We have to get better and that’s going to be one of our focuses, to try to pick up stuff. They were just blitzing. A lot of teams are blitzing a lot. Bringing usually one extra guy than we can block. We have to get the ball out to the hot and check downs and things like that.
Pretty revealing  
Lines of Scrimmage : 12/28/2020 6:42 pm : link
Comments from the Center.
I was thoroughly demoralized by yesterday's game,  
TC : 12/29/2020 12:30 am : link
but despite having their asses handed to them, I think the OL is now one of the potential bright spots on this team. And I think Gates may be on the brink of becoming a really good center. I LOVE his aggression/borderline nastiness. This team has lacked a spark plug on OL for a long time. And coupled with his size, athleticism and growing skills he may play a critical role going forward.

Mostly young kids, just started playing together, but definitely some talent up and down the line. As they jell they should get better, and with some editing, I believe they have the potential to become one of the better NFL OL's.
What Baltimore threw at this Oline this Sunday  
lono801 : 12/29/2020 1:03 am : link
Will only make them better...they couldn’t win the match ups

My guess it was a great learning experience

Wink needed to compensate for something...

The Baltimore game will make this Line gel

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