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Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2020 3:09 pm
TE Evan Engram

December 31, 2020

Q: Congratulations on the Pro Bowl. We haven’t spoken to you since then. How’s your ankle feeling? How important is it for you to play a 16th game this season?
A: I’m feeling good. Making progress, working, doing everything I can with the trainers and on the field. That’s not really in my mind, the me playing 16. I’m just focused on just trying to win this game. That’s the main thing right now.

Q: What happened to the ankle in the last game?
A: Pretty much not allowed to talk about details. But just had a little tweak at the end. Just kind of working through it right now.

Q: Simple question. In your fourth year, what would it mean to you to make the playoffs?
A: It would mean a lot, just everything. The last three years here is obviously not up to standard. Just the progress and all the work we’ve put in this year and everything we’ve been through. Obviously, we have to go out and execute and win this game for that to be a possibility. But it would mean a lot.

Q: There hasn’t been a lot of talk about that from you guys and especially from your head coach. But do you sense it in the building and on the practice field that you guys can be in the playoffs? You have never been in this position before.
A: Yeah, the energy is through the roof. We’ve approached yesterday and today really well. I think the work we’re putting in is really good. Our attention to detail has been good, too. I definitely feel like we are taking this as serious as we can.

Q: The offense is ranked 31st in points and 31st in yards per game. You’ve played in a lot of offenses. Now that you’ve played in Jason Garrett’s offense, was this not a fair showing of what this offense is capable of? Did you feel like it didn’t fit you guys? Is it better than what those numbers say and we’re just not seeing it show up on game days? How do you feel about the offense?
A: I have the utmost confidence in our offense. I think that the past couple games and some of the outings that we’ve had definitely aren’t up to our standard. We have to be better at execution, we have to be better at communication, we have to be better at making plays, making one on one plays. There are a lot of things that go into us as players that we haven’t been doing lately to make the offense roll. We’ve shown that we can get rolling. We’ve shown what we can do in the run game. We’ve shown what we can do in the pass game. We just have to get back to the basics and execute on those small things that we’ve done in the past.

Q: But it sounds like you’re putting at least some of it on the players, not just on the scheme or the coaches.
A: No, we have to execute as players. We have to go out and make those plays.
Q: 'How much is an Uber from your pad  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 12/31/2020 3:59 pm : link
to Newark Airport? Because I'm willing to pay the fare to get you out of town.'-me.
The absolute worst pro bowl selection ever  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 12/31/2020 5:45 pm : link
Probably the worst starting tight end in the NFC. Terrible hands and doesn't block. How was he ever picked for the pro bowl.
Cut Him!  
chitt17 : 1/4/2021 8:23 am : link
As soon as it is possible to do so!
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