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Post-Game Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/3/2021 5:59 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Dallas Cowboys) Transcripts: WR Sterling Shepard

January 3, 2021

Q: Can you talk about what this win means to you and to the team as far as coming in to win a big game at the right time?

A: This was the biggest game of the season. I'm just proud of the guys and the way that they prepared throughout the week and the execution in the game. I feel like the offense, we started off hot, and I would've liked to see us carry that over through the second half as well, but I'm proud of the guys and the way that they fought. It was definitely something to see.

Q: Regardless of what happens tonight, how satisfied were you with this teams preparation? Right from the jump you guys got on the board and got the job done.

A: It goes back to right after we got home last week. We had a team meeting and we knew that we were still in it. We all locked in. We were able to get the film that day and guys locked in throughout the week. We watched film nonstop. I knew that we were going to come into the game prepared and it was all about execution. We were able to do that on all cylinders. I'm proud of the guys, like I said.

Q: Two questions, first of all about you. You've been playing hard all year and we all know that. It sounded like you were a little more banged up this week than previous ones. What was your mindset in this game? What did you want to set out and accomplish when you took the field today?

A: Just make plays. It's as simple as that. We're a skill group that is out there to make big plays. That's all I wanted to do. Whatever I could do to help the team - that was the mindset of all of the receivers. We were able to get out there and make some crucial plays for the team. It worked out well for us.

Q: My second question is what was it like on the field after the (Wayne) Gallman fumble there at the end - well, then he recovered it - what did you see was going on?

A: I saw him get it back so I wasn't too worried about it. When it initially hit the ground, my stomach dropped a little bit, but he got back on it and it was all good.

Q: Sterling, what do you think in general of the growth of the team this year and how proud are you to come back from the adversities you guys had early on with the multitude of losses in a row?

A: I've been on teams where you let things just go downhill from there, when you start the season off the way that we did. That's the reason why I'm so proud of this team because we never had one guy hang their head and just throw in the towel. We're going to fight and we're going to try to win this next game. We took it one game at a time and we got on that winning streak. Nobody got too high, nobody got too low. We just stayed at an even pace and I'm proud of everybody for having their head high.

Q: We talk a lot about how you're the only guy here who has played in a playoff game with the Giants and how you're the longest tenured guy in the locker room. That might not be true after next week about the playoffs, but do you feel a sense of responsibility to start this game off right yourself?

A: No. I mean we have a lot of guys with playoff experience. That wasn't really my thought. My thought was simply just to make plays. I just kept it as simple as that.

Q: You've never been in this position before. Your regular season is over. You don't know if tomorrow is clean out the lockers or get ready for a playoff game. What will the next several hours be like for you? Do you have any Eagles hats that you own? How thirsty are you to continue playing?

A: I won't be caught dead in an Eagles hat, but I will be rooting for them. I'll be with my family at home watching the game. However it shakes out, I'm proud of this team. We did what we had to do today and to give ourselves a chance to win this thing. Whatever happens happens from here.

Q: One more, how about just beating the Cowboys? It's been several years.

A: It's been since my rookie season. I was super tired of that. Going into the game that was actually going across my mind ,’Man, it's been a while since we beat the Cowboys. It's about time for us to get a W’. We had a close one. That one where Beasley, what year was that, a couple years back - Beasley caught that last second touchdown on us. That was a heartbreaker. That was running through my mind. Let's just finish this game out and we were able to do so.

Q: What does it say about this organization if you guys can make it back to the playoffs considering it has been a while since you've been able to get to that point?

A: We're doing things the right way. Coach Judge has us preparing the right way and we have a great group of guys. That's what it really comes back down to - the group of guys that we have in the locker room. They're guys that are going to work hard and regardless of the circumstances, they're going to give it all they got. If you haven't seen that over the past few weeks, I don't know what you're looking at, but that's what it is.

Q: What do you say to the people that say, if you do make the playoffs, they're naturally going to go, 'Oh, 6-10, you don't deserve to be in the playoffs'?

A: It doesn't matter; we're in the playoffs. It doesn't matter what it looks like, we're in there.
what a great game he played today  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 1/3/2021 6:21 pm : link
I guess he has not read BBI and found out he is just a jag.
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