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1/11/2021 Snapshot of Player Salaries (not bonus money)

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/11/2021 9:07 am
For total contracts, including bonus money, click the top links in the following document (OverTheCap and But here are the base salary figures.

New York Giants Player Salaries - ( New Window )
Two contracts that stick out to me like a sore thumb  
nyjuggernaut2 : 1/11/2021 9:49 am : link
Golden Tate and Nate Solder.

Honorable mentions...Riley Dixon and Evan Engram.
I’m torn on Shepard  
FThomas : 1/11/2021 9:58 am : link
On one hand, we are so weak at this position and he’s a hard working, good run blocking WR who could prob look a lot better with some big WR’s next to him...but he’s making good money. Curious to see what they do there. I think he’s retained though.
I don't see David Mayo  
Dnew15 : 1/11/2021 10:03 am : link
stickin around at that price.
I hope they rework Zeitler  
Jim in Forest Hills : 1/11/2021 10:04 am : link
extend him and free up room. I'd like to keep him for 2 more years.
RE: I hope they rework Zeitler  
BillT : 1/11/2021 10:10 am : link
In comment 15118389 Jim in Forest Hills said:
extend him and free up room. I'd like to keep him for 2 more years.

That’s not a bad idea. You could cut his cap hit at least in half if not more.
Players who aren't worth their price tag  
TommyWiseau : 1/11/2021 10:13 am : link
Golden Tate
Sterling Shepard
Zeitler (at a salary reduction would be great).
With the reduction in the cap coming....I think anyone "overpaid" will  
GiantBlue : 1/11/2021 10:45 am : link
need to seriously consider a pay cut or restructred contract.

This past season was another year of paying people premium money for a non-playoff result.

Another looming decision in the next few we have a $30+ Million dollar per year QB in Jones?
This show how important drafting well is to roster building  
George from PA : 1/11/2021 10:53 am : link
Also, shows how well they did last year with the front loaded contracts in FA.

Solder must lower his cap.

Tate is not part of the future.

They have several players that should not be on roster....Mayo, Downs, D.Lewis, Morris, Tolio
There was a mis-print  
averagejoe : 1/11/2021 10:59 am : link
It has Levine Toilolo salary as 2.9M . That CANNOT be
RE: There was a mis-print  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/11/2021 11:16 am : link
In comment 15118505 averagejoe said:
It has Levine Toilolo salary as 2.9M . That CANNOT be

Nope. He's due $2,925,000.
Whether Solder is cut now or after 2021  
BH28 : 1/11/2021 11:24 am : link
He carries the same dead weight in 2022, $4 million. He's $10 million in savings for this year, but if you are going to re-sign his replacement (Fleming would cost $4 million) it doesn't make the cap savings look all that great.

I think the Giants might give him a shot in '21.

It will be interesting to see what an actual offseason program  
GiantBlue : 1/11/2021 11:35 am : link
does for Thomas, Peart & Lemiuex.

I think we can safely say that Gates was an unmitigated success at Center!

I think we can safely say that Hernandez and Zeitler (with a restructure hopefully) can handle the guard positions (with Lemiuex).

If Solder kept himself in "tackle" shape during this past season/upcoming off-season, he should be given a look as a right tackle option vs. Peart.

Keep Fleming as depth or take another RT later in the draft to fill that role?

Finally the OL seems like a depth project instead of a choas situation.
this is the offseason we have been waiting for  
djm : 1/11/2021 11:53 am : link
and not just in hopes of landing some big fish, which may not even happen, but just in terms of a real HC with real aspirations of team building in mind gets to do his thing.

Judge now has a full 16 games and practice data under his belt. Now we see what kind of teams he really wants to build.

PS, Sterling Shepard is the least of our concerns. He's a good WR. He's just not THE WR. He has always played well here.
still cracks me up  
djm : 1/11/2021 11:54 am : link
when fans exhibit sticker shock when looking at vet salaries in the NFL or any other sport. Newsflash, vets make a lot of money even if they aren't any good.
There will be bargains  
Chip : 1/11/2021 11:54 am : link
There are a lot of teams who are going to have to release players. The supply will be up and the cost could go down on some of them.
A 17th game may keep cap from  
jvm52106 : 1/11/2021 12:16 pm : link
falling too much.
I'm okay with Tate and Shepard's salaries  
gogiants : 1/11/2021 12:44 pm : link
Their salaries rank 19th and 26th respectively among WRs. On the important 3rd down conversions compared to the top ten receiving corps in the league Tate's 56% 3rd down conversion to targets ranks 10th out of 32 top receivers. Shepard's 50% ranks 15th.
Eric where you been bud?  
MtDizzle : 1/11/2021 4:48 pm : link
Do any site seeing lately?
Zeitler is not worth $14 mill  
section125 : 1/11/2021 5:23 pm : link
next year. I like him, but not that much. I was skeptical at what Sy'56 said about getting an upgrade at RG (or OG?), but in the last two games I saw what he was talking about.

I'd prefer not to pay Solder all that, but for the $6 mill difference between letting him go and keeping him, it may be better to keep him. He is probably better then Cam Fleming.

Tate, Mayo, Toilolo, Downs, etc - yeah cut bait look for younger cheaper.
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