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Giants Mock Draft (w/ Trade)

GoDeep13 : 2/17/2021 1:54 am
In this scenario Trey Lance falls to #11 and the Indianapolis Colts come calling. Frank Reich already worked with one QB from ND State and tries to catch lighting in a bottle with Lance.

Giants Trade:
1st Round Pick (11th Ovr)
3rd Round Pick (76th Ovr)

Colts Trade:
1st Round Pick (21st Ovr)
2rd Round Pick (54th Ovr)
3rd Round Pick (85th Ovr)
5th Round Pick (182nd Ovr)


R1. Kadarious Toney WR Florida
R2. Chazz Surratt LB UNC
R2. Patrick Jones II EDGE Pitt
R3. Aaron Robinson CB UCF
R4. Ben Cleveland OG Georgia
R5. Josh Palmer WR Tennessee
R6. Shaka Toney EDGE Penn St.
R7. Elijah Mitchell RB Louisiana-Lafayette
Not enough picks  
Payasdaddy : 2/17/2021 2:00 am : link
Would want colts 2, 3 &6 and we give them a 4th
Waiting until the 4th for our one and only OL is a mistake  
BillT : 2/17/2021 6:22 am : link
We need another OL who can become a possible starter this year on and a 4th round pick isn’t that. One of the 2nd round picks should be an OL. Alabama has three guys and the the kid from USC are all possibilities. We aren’t done on the OL. A couple of early picks on the OL is necessary.
Not this year  
Grizz99 : 2/17/2021 6:32 am : link
and not in 2014 when OBJ, Aaron Thomas and Zake sat there for the taking
There is going to be an impact player available at 11 this year
4 quarterbacks, one zany pick no one saw coming, Sewell, Chase and Pitt will likely go early
two from the following won't be available, that leaves some briliant prospects. I trust our staff I think we'll find someone very worthwhile the following less two...Surtain, Farley, Parsons, Slade, Rousseau, Zevin Collins, Kwity Paye, Devonte Smith, Waddle and probably several more.
In my view, trading down never makes sense unless you're sitting top five or so and there's someone who is desperate for a quarterback that you don't need. Then you can trade down but still have a pick in the critical (and bountiful) top sixteenn as well as an early two and more. otherwise quantity does not trump quality.
Straw Hat : 2/17/2021 7:22 am : link
Trading down seems like almost a guarantee not to happen.
Wait -  
FatMan in Charlotte : 2/17/2021 7:36 am : link
so to trade down, we only get a 2nd and a 5th?? And we swap 1st and 3rds??

I'd look for more than that. From 11 to 21 is a deep drop
From a “vale chart” perspective  
UConn4523 : 2/17/2021 7:53 am : link
it seems to be relatively even but when you are moving up 10 spots in the first IMO you need to pay a premium for the guy you covet to offset losing out on an impact player in that tier. I wouldn’t do this unless you at least took off the 4th going to Indy and even then it seems like the return is light.
In 8 prior drafts DG never traded downi  
Rick in Dallas : 2/17/2021 7:59 am : link
I doubt it happens this year.
I'd like to trade down, but not that far  
rasbutant : 2/17/2021 8:18 am : link
I would trade down with the target being Rashod Bateman or Jaycee Horn both guys that i really like but are not considered value at 11.
I'm asking for their 1st in 2022  
ryanmkeane : 2/17/2021 8:24 am : link
in that scenario or no deal. Good draft though, i like the picks
M.S. : 2/17/2021 8:38 am : link

Well thought out, interesting mock draft with trades.

Just a small note... not an exact science, but based on conventional Draft Value Boards, the Giants are surrendering 1,460 points and getting back in return 1,344. The deficit of 116 points is worth an additional pick at the end of Round Three (#96)

See attached GBN Value Board.

Link - ( New Window )
Here we go again  
Harvest Blend : 2/17/2021 10:08 am : link
with the trade down stuff.

Sounds good but until they actually DO IT, which they won't.....

Based on the Ourlads  
allstarjim : 2/17/2021 10:23 am : link
Pick value chart, it's way off. Being somewhat of an armchair analyst of draft day trades, this doesn't seem like compensation that would fit historical norms.

I don't see the Giants dropping 10 spots and not getting a lot more, and that's not considering another drop in the third. Future picks would have to be included.

As previously mentioned, making significant jps in the first round requires a premium to be paid.

What would it take for Indy to move up the 10 spots in the first? Something like this:

In addition to their first,

This year's 2nd and 3rd, next year's 2nd.


Next year's first, this year's 2nd, with Giants giving back this year's 5th.

You might say this is unrealistic, but I promise it's closer to reality and I still may be underestimating the comp back to the Giants a tad.

I haven’t seen WR Toney ranked  
Gregorio : 2/17/2021 12:36 pm : link
so high to warrant the 21st pick. Could be a reach. Also, 3 of 4 premium picks are spent on defense. If they were best players available then fine, but this team needs help on offense.
RE: Wait -  
islander1 : 2/17/2021 1:36 pm : link
In comment 15155055 FatMan in Charlotte said:
so to trade down, we only get a 2nd and a 5th?? And we swap 1st and 3rds??

I'd look for more than that. From 11 to 21 is a deep drop

This was my thought. This trade I think we lose.
This shit  
tyrik13 : 2/17/2021 2:46 pm : link
Is trash
Unless the Giants top 7-8 players are off the board  
kdog77 : 2/17/2021 4:39 pm : link
I don't foresee a trade down unless one of the top 4 QBs is still available at 11 and a QB needy team is willing to overpay the Giants to move up ahead of SF, Minnesota, NE and Vegas. If the top 4 QBs are off the board, then I don't foresee any trades happening.
RE: Wait -  
BelieveJJ : 2/17/2021 7:03 pm : link
In comment 15155055 FatMan in Charlotte said:
so to trade down, we only get a 2nd and a 5th?? And we swap 1st and 3rds??

I'd look for more than that. From 11 to 21 is a deep drop

Bingo! That's a lousy trade
It's actually really stupid...  
FatMan in Charlotte : 2/17/2021 10:17 pm : link
when people do trades in mocks.

The mock itself is usually pure bullshit. Then they add in an unreasonable trade and use that as a jumping off point for the rest of the ridiculousness.

And the Wentz trade  
fireitup77 : 2/18/2021 12:57 pm : link
Makes this whole discussion moot.
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