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NFT: Court side Camera on MSG GO

Ralph.C : 2/21/2021 9:06 pm
I posted this question on a thread that was deleted so I never saw answer. MSG GO is streaming the game with what looks like a hand held camera that is very wobbly. The audio from commercials also plays while the game image is on the screen.

Why is that?
They have different viewz  
nygiants16 : 2/21/2021 9:40 pm : link
Mobile, courtside and regular..
Ralph.C : 2/21/2021 10:59 pm : link
Thank you for that.
RE: Ah  
nygiants16 : 2/21/2021 11:19 pm : link
In comment 15158418 Ralph.C said:
Thank you for that.

I replied to your comment in the other thread but i dont think you saw it
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