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This guy reminds me of Packers' AJ Dillon ...

Manny in CA : 2/21/2021 11:51 pm
Rhamondre Stevenson

A big bull to soften-up the defense for Saquon.
I was very disappointed  
Giant John : 2/22/2021 5:04 am : link
The Giants did not draft Dillion last year.
TC made a thread on him a month ago  
adamg : 2/22/2021 5:57 am : link
He always titles them creatively, so I don't know how I'd search for it.
Found it actually  
adamg : 2/22/2021 5:58 am : link
TC's thread
Is this a solarmike post?  
Tuckrule : 2/22/2021 7:04 am : link
Very reminiscent of his posts

Prospect name
Include where you think he’ll be drafted
Video link
Another big back worthy of consideration is Stevie Scott  
BillT : 2/22/2021 8:14 am : link
Indiana, 2nd team all Big Ten. 6’2”, 231. Good athlete, can catch the ball and a nose for the end zone with 30 Career TDS.
RE: I was very disappointed  
KDavies : 2/22/2021 9:23 am : link
In comment 15158436 Giant John said:
The Giants did not draft Dillion last year.

Dillon was drafted in the 2nd round. Would you have advocated the Giants draft a backup RB high in the 2nd round, or trade up for him?

I like Dillon, but damn.
RE: Is this a solarmike post?  
solarmike : 2/22/2021 10:18 pm : link
Not my post but interesting RB.
Thegratefulhead : 2/23/2021 1:07 pm : link
This player.
I'd much rather the Giants draft a RB similar to Barkley...  
Milton : 2/24/2021 10:55 am : link
...who can duplicate his role in the offense if/when Barkley is injured than find someone dissimilar to share carries with him. The two NC RBs (Javonte Williams and Michael Carter) are who interest me.
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