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2021 NFL Draft top 5 defensive options by position (CBS)

shocktheworld : 2/23/2021 9:49 am
Figured this may spark some talk, I think we need to go WR in first round, but I’m a defense first kinda guy, so I’ll be happy either way. I just want them to trade back and get another pick or two (but I feel that way almost every draft season and it never happens haha)

Here’s some key players, hopefully we make impact choices regardless and get the best player available :)
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I suspect the only way, they trade down is if  
George from PA : 2/23/2021 10:10 am : link
One of the QB falls....and the offers on start coming....and even with that...doubtful.
I would love to  
shocktheworld : 2/23/2021 10:17 am : link
See Richie Grant in the later rounds... versatile and played well at Senior Bowl. His ceiling could be another Julian Love type, but Love is a good player. I’ll take more diverse, good players ... hell .....WE NEED more good,diverse players on the 53. Add one here

Joe Tryon has all the physical abilities and good length... he’s a 3rd round steal ala Justin Tuck, and could become a similar player! He’s def an edge in position but comparable value to Tuck coming out of ND back in the day. Gonna be a good player in the league.

I think we’re gonna lose Tomlinson (fack) but that is the way this league works. To make up, we can snag Shelvin from LSU to put in the Tomlinson spot. He opted out for 2020, but he’s a big boy NT with some good developmental traits.... we snag him in the 4th Round... excellent value for what we lose in Tomlinson.

Look up “Jamin Davis on Kyle Pitts” this is the LB we’ve been dreaming of because he can actually cover TE’s!!! And even athletic freaks like Pitts... hahah ok maybe I shouldn’t buy the hype over one game, but he’s a sneaky later round pick, that could pay off down the road.

Davis’ teammate at CB, Kelvin Joseph, is another intriguing option to consider... Kiper has him shooting up the board currently... maybe stopping at the first round... but there’s no way he goes in the 1st, IMO. But he could be a target in round 2. I like that these rankings made me feel pretty good about the options we’ll have defensively in this draft.
Kinda want to see WR CB EDGE  
90.Cal : 2/23/2021 11:46 am : link
With our first 3 picks (in any order)... but at the same time I think we need to do more up front on the OL. Peart as a swing tackle and Hernandez as a swing guard would be good depth but two good starters on the right side would be a world of difference for both Daniel and Saquon.
If Waddle isn't there at 11  
Ten Ton Hammer : 2/23/2021 11:53 am : link
I'd still be really happy with Surtain II.

I'm worried that Pitts is another Engram.
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