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WRs - FAs + Early Draft Discussion

NYG22 : 2/25/2021 10:24 am
FAs with no regard for who may be franchised:


Allen Robinson - very good player but likely to pricy

Kenny Golladay - heavy rumors of a franchise tag

Chris Godwin (perhaps he's more of a 1A) - I suspect his days in TB are over; good player who could/should enter clear WR1 territory


Curtis Samuel - great athlete an all but I don't seem him as polished or big enough to be a WR1 or NYG target

Corey Davis - underperformed vs. draft position but a well rounded, big possession WR whose best football is still ahead of him; bc of his likely price tag, size, untapped ability, blocking I would target him in FA

JuJu Smith - shot off his mouth a lot last year. I don't think he is a bad guy but I also don't think he is that gifted a WR; looked painfully slow last year; major pass for me

Others I like that all fit a similar profile - the Giants need SIZE in this position group:

Tim Patrick (RFA) - Somewhat similar to Corey Davis in many ways; maybe even a tad more speed, plays very hard (blocking)

Kendrick Bourne - Good sized guy who like Corey Davis has been stuck in a run first offense

Zach Pascal - 6'5" and had plenty of good moments last year

Draftable guys:

RD1 guys:

Jamar Chase seems to be universally regarded as the top guy in this class. Strikes me as a smaller version of Andre Johnson (incredibly smooth, very strong, not a burner but fast enough, tracks and attacks the ball at elite level).

Devonta Smith - Marvin Harrison comps seem perfect. Ultra-savvy route runner with deceptive speed and great length. Can he mitigate the size concerns with another 10-12 lbs.?

Rashod Bateman - I like him more than Waddle, especially for NYG. Physical as can be. Polished. Highly competitive attitude (which this offense needs). Very creative and intuitive runner after the catch.

Jaylen Waddle - Absolute burner. That being said, he's only 5'10" which to me is a bigger concern to me than Smith's lack of weight. He also seems somewhat of a playground football type like Henry Ruggs who has limited route tree acumen.


Rondale Moore - I also like him better than Waddle. Closer to the Tyreek Hill prototype.

Terrance Marshall - I know he's 6'3" and has speed. I don't have a great sense of how nuanced or how NFL ready his game is. I need to do more homework on him.

Kadarious Toney - Curtis Samuel type. Again, I think we need size at the position in terms of how we spend premium resources.

Tylan Wallace - similar to Devonta Smith in that he is a master technician of route running. Impressive player.

Amon Ra St Brown - former 5 star guy who had a good career at USC. Doesn't have his brother's 6'5" height but is more talented. Is he a low IQ, high maintenance guy like Equanameous?

Elijah Moore and Amari Rodgers - slot guy. Slightly more explosive but otherwise like what Sterling Shepherd was coming out of OU.

Dark horse guys:

Dez Fitzpatrick - lanky and smooth with phenomenal hands, reminds me of Amani Toomer

Anthony Schwartz - fastest guy in the draft

Frank Darby - highly competitive, quick WR who really performed well during Sr Bowl week

Bottom line: I would like to walk out of this off-season with something like this:

FA - Corey Davis
RD1 (perhaps a trade down to a QB needy team in the teens like NEP) - Rashod Bateman

WR corps next year would be:

Davis, Shep, Bateman, Slayton, Mack, Pettis

Cut Shep  
TommyWiseau : 2/25/2021 10:34 am : link
he is not worth the money. Guy got 12 more mil then Cole Beasley who is 5x the player. We could get his production from a 2-3 million dollar player.
If signing a free agent, go for the “move the chains” guy who can make  
Ivan15 : 2/25/2021 10:41 am : link
The tough 3rd and 10 catch even if he looks covered. Need the “go to” guy. Amani Toomer comp. Anquon Boldin comp.

If he can’t be found in free agency, that’s definitely a priority in the draft.
Has Corey Davis hands improved?  
George from PA : 2/25/2021 10:46 am : link
I remember...he has too many drops
RE: Has Corey Davis hands improved?  
Dr. D : 2/25/2021 10:58 am : link
In comment 15161241 George from PA said:
I remember...he has too many drops

Davis had a drop rate of 3.3% last year, which is an improvement from prior years (5.8% in '19). As comparison, Engram had drop rate of 10.1% in '20, which was worse for him than prior years (avg. about 4.5% in '18 & '19). Davante Adams had drop rate of 0 in '20.

Based on just on drop rate, Corey Davis would be a far better #1 target than Engram.
Thanks Dr.D....good to see that he has gotten better  
George from PA : 2/25/2021 11:22 am : link
LOL, Not exactly encouraging....that he is better the Engram....who is being run out of town because of his drop rate.

Agree....a big target is needed. Now,

My gut feels Curtis Samuel is a target......
I'm fine with Curtis Samuel  
Dnew15 : 2/25/2021 11:25 am : link
if they cut Shepard.
Love those Dark Horses!  
solarmike : 2/25/2021 1:10 pm : link
I'd be happy if we take a late round pick on one of these guys, especially Schwartz.

Dez Fitzpatrick

Anthony Schwartz

Frank Darby
One more Late round possibility: Josh Palmer, WR, Tennessee  
solarmike : 2/25/2021 2:49 pm : link
Josh Palmer

RE: One more Late round possibility: Josh Palmer, WR, Tennessee  
NYG22 : 2/25/2021 4:11 pm : link
In comment 15161568 solarmike said:
Josh Palmer

...and we just hired his college coach
Rashard Higgins from CLE  
adamg : 2/25/2021 4:23 pm : link
Cheap, solid player.
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