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NFT: Rangers vs Bruins. 12:15 pm

bluesince56 : 2/28/2021 11:57 am
Let’s do it again!
djm : 2/28/2021 12:08 pm : link
Keep this up boys! Let’s fucking go
Bruins playing chippy  
bluesince56 : 2/28/2021 12:22 pm : link
First the goalie now Laffy
Yeah not a great start  
NYerInMA : 2/28/2021 12:23 pm : link
Especially with Georgiev getting hurt. Hopefully that goal he gave up won't be the decider.
More garbage goals against  
NYerInMA : 2/28/2021 12:43 pm : link
Wake TF up boys!
thought they played a pretty good period  
ColHowPepper : 2/28/2021 12:53 pm : link
couldn't finish and PP zippo. Coyle's goal excellent move under KAM's stick and perfect shot urc, not much you can do about that.

Fox w/ rare almost giveaway, Ritchie, Ranger killer murderer.

I felt 2nd goal coming after sloppy ineffectual clear in neutral zone led to turnover. sxxt.

You can see Blackwell's value increasing game by game.
What’s wrong with Mika  
bluesince56 : 2/28/2021 1:03 pm : link
he not the same player as last year.
RE: What’s wrong with Mika  
NYerInMA : 2/28/2021 1:10 pm : link
In comment 15163544 bluesince56 said:
he not the same player as last year.

No one knows for sure, there's rumors that he's still dealing with some COVID symptoms.
Game over man  
NYerInMA : 2/28/2021 1:26 pm : link
Very disappointing coming off the big win on Friday. I expected Boston to be better, but I didn't expect the Rangers to be this flat.
Which Ranger  
Bones : 2/28/2021 2:41 pm : link
Center took the leave of absence, Artemi or Mika?
^ If Zib is in fact suffering 'after effects' of C19  
ColHowPepper : 2/28/2021 2:44 pm : link
or worse, specific sequelae, that's really not a funny question.
If he’s not  
Bones : 2/28/2021 3:00 pm : link
What then? That game was an embarrassment. If he can’t play, let him sit and let someone play that will compete.
RE: Which Ranger  
pjcas18 : 2/28/2021 3:38 pm : link
In comment 15163632 Bones said:
Center took the leave of absence, Artemi or Mika?

Panarin is a wing
Huge props  
pjcas18 : 2/28/2021 3:42 pm : link
to Lemieux for dropping the gloves there at the buzzer.

Nick Ritchie is a big dude, not that Lemieux is small but Ritchie is a linebacker on skates.

and some may say it's kind of Lemieux's role, but until you skate in those skates it's easier said than done, and believe me when I say this, his teammates respect it and are grateful for it.

Don't think he should sniff a PP unit, but he made a fan out of me at the end of the game today.
It's not unlikely that Mika has lingering residual effects  
Matt M. : 2/28/2021 3:55 pm : link
of COVID. I explained the same earlier in the year about Hernandez when he returned. There seems to be a misguided expectation of some that because these are world class athletes they either won't be impacted or will bounce right back. The virus can linger, especially in the lungs, well after the contagious period and after anti-bodies have been built up. Athletes are not immune from that.

Most of the time, they likely feel close to normal. It's that small percentage that is not 100%, where they are slightly winded from something that would never register, or breathing, especially in the cold, is something they are suddenly aware of. He likely isn't in pain or with serious symptoms. But, imagine deep breaths being felt in your chest and lungs every time. Now imagine it as an athlete really pushing himself and doing so on the ice. As a result, his energy and cardio capacity is likely down.

As fans, it is easy to say the quarantine period is over and he has no outward signs, so he should play. It is also easy for an athlete to want that and for the team to expect that. But, there is not guarantee that 2 weeks clears the body. In fact, that is proving not to be the case more often than not.
I was at the game yesterday  
ShockNRoll : 3/1/2021 12:18 pm : link
A few points on MSG real quick...
-I felt they did a very good job. The closest people to my seat were at least 10 feet away.
-Only concessions available at limited locations were hot dogs, pretzels, beer, soda, M&M’s, and Twizzlers. I thought it was mobile order, but that was not available for yesterday’s game. Maybe they’re still working on it.
-Fans were generally in adherence to the safety protocols.
-Definitely weird looking around and seeing so few people, though it was nice after the game to not have to squeeze in to those stairwells to get out.
-The artificial crowd noise is still operating, and I found it to be more annoying in person than it is on TV. It’s a constant hum with a whistling sound, I found it irritating.

Now onto the game itself. Wow, that sucked. One of the worst performances of the entire season, especially offensively. I feel like many of the games they’ve been shutout or scored only 1 goal have been because of unbelievable goaltending on the other end. A few minutes before the Blackwell goal I remember thinking “This is going to be the easiest shutout of Rask’s career.” Nice to see Lafreniere get his 3rd point in 4 games, and all of his points are primary points this year. I barely even noticed Zibanejad and Kreider on the ice yesterday again after they were really humming the past few games. Playoffs are starting to look more and more like a pipe dream, now that they are 8 points out of the Flyers and the Flyers have a game in hand. Hopefully Chytil can come back tomorrow and Panarin and Kakko’s absences aren’t too much longer. What a weird season.
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