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NFT: FBB draft last night w/a question

superspynyg : 3/29/2021 4:16 pm
I admit that I usually am not great at FBB. I do it to keep busy. As such while drafting I was also attending a sick toddler. I leaned on good teams vets like Yanks, Padres, Dodgers, Padres etc. but i also like to take chances on young guys here and there.

10 team H2H league with the basic stats plus 2bs, 3bs, hits, CG, SHO, BSVs

My team
C Will Smith
1b Josh Bell
2b Altuve
3b Machado
SS Tatis
OF Ozuna
OF Judge
OF Bryant
Utl Turner
Utl Brantly
BN C Taylor
BN Matt Canha
SP Scherzer
SP Burnes
RP Chapman
RP Hand
P Strasburg
P Sixto Sanchez
P R Montero (seattle closer)
Bn Kluber
Bn German

I am a little concerned with having both Tatis (first pick) and Machado (2nd pick) W0uld you trade Machado and Kluber for say Goldsmitd and Snell?
why would that concern you?  
UConn4523 : 3/29/2021 4:29 pm : link
my friend who's a Sox homer took what I think amounted to their 1-5 batters that first year they had Adrian Gonzalez and just road that to the playoffs without lifting finger.

Tatis/Machado is a great focal point for a fantasy team, IMO.
Both being Padres wouldn't concern me  
Mike in NY : 3/29/2021 4:35 pm : link
With the size of your roster in a 10 team league there will always be enough depth in Free Agency if let's say the Padres came down with Covid. My bigger concern about your roster is where possible I am not a fan of UTIL and Bench bats duplicating teams my position guys belong to. The UTIL and Bench are your fill ins on days off so what good is having a Dodger on your bench if he can't fill in for a Dodger on your roster on a day the team is off.
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