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NGT- Penei Sewell on Sirius

jvm52106 : 4/27/2021 1:00 pm
Working with Pizza Hut heading up the draft and promoting that work and his Aunt's connection to PH.

Favorite Pizza- pepperoni without question.

Brady Q- taking us trhough your journey in football (starting in the Islands)

Answer- From American Samoa, very small house 1 bdrm, 1 bath, some times up to 11 in that house. took in relatives and some friends who were less fortunate. Loves the beach, the simple life. Moved off the Island for more opportunities especially in football. He moved to Utah and then really took off from there, went to Oregon and now waiting for next step.

Ques- what created your interest in the game?

Answer- helped head coach of the high school, and really something he grew up with and his two older brothers loved football. Troy P and other islanders all inspired him when they came to visit and spoke..

Ques- decsiion on opting out, why and how that went.

answer- one of the toughest things to decide on. He decided once PC12 cancelled season at first he talked to coaches etc, was it cancelled, would it be short season or in the Spring. With so much up in the air he decided to just focus on getting himself ready for the NFL which was his dream.

Ques- last time he had year without football

Answer- maybe since he was 10 years old he thinks.

Ques- no combine so your Pro Day was your opp, how did you do.

Answer- he felt he did pretty well, and a chance to do drills he was used to and get back in front of coaches.

Ques- what is your expectation , where you may go

answer- he expects to go to a team he is meant to go to, hopefully as early as possible. If a team wnats him they will get him. He just needs to be patient.

Ques- where will you be for the draft?

Answer- he will be in Utah. Second question, why not in Cleveland. He wanted to be home with his big family.

Thank God is isn't Hawaiin  
PwndPapi : 4/27/2021 1:01 pm : link
There's no place on this team for a guy who puts Pineapple on his pizza.
last question I heard but couldn't write up  
jvm52106 : 4/27/2021 1:12 pm : link
at the time was Herbert mentioned wanting the Chargers to draft him, how does he feel about that.

Would be awesome to be back with Herbert. He is a great QB who will be successful and would love playing with him again and protecting him on the field.
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