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NFT: Collective sigh of relief: Goodell OK'd to hug prospects

PwndPapi : 4/29/2021 5:32 pm
Bro-hugs to make a return - ( New Window )
Super spreader event  
fivehead : 4/29/2021 5:40 pm : link

... Of joy!
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/29/2021 5:45 pm : link
Cue the "relax Eric you old fart comments" but the Goodell hugging thing creeps me out.
Bricktop : 4/29/2021 5:50 pm : link
Hug me! Now go get some CTE! Disingenuous nonsense. The only things Goodell cares about are the owners and his ability to continue getting overpaid for doing their bidding.
Agree Eric  
PwndPapi : 4/29/2021 5:50 pm : link
It's almost as awkward as the Mike Vrabel War Room during last year's draft.
Dad! Don't pick yet. I'm takin a shit!  
PwndPapi : 4/29/2021 5:54 pm : link
But no tongue this year  
Milton : 4/29/2021 5:55 pm : link
Not sure if that's because of covid or just something they decided on separately.
The Mike Vrabel war room  
myquealer : 4/29/2021 6:30 pm : link
may be the best thing to come from this pandemic
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