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NFT: Remedial Mac Question/Keychain/iCloud

GruningsOnTheHill : 4/29/2021 6:33 pm

On the 2010 MacBook Pro that I use at work for personal emails and other non-work-related stuff, I had a software glitch that necessitated wiping it and reinstalling the OS. What I can't figure out is why my passwords don't seem to be syncing via iCloud Keychain. I figured that merely signing in to the reinstalled lapper with my Apple ID would have instantly populated my keychain passwords...but no.

What's really amazing is that I've spent 2 hours of google searches with no luck on this issue.

Both my 2020 and my aforementioned 2010 MBPs are showing that their respective keychains are checked/sharing with iCloud, but yet none of the passwords are in the 2010 Keychain. Turning all off & on did nothing.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thank you in advance.
Never mind--it's working now  
GruningsOnTheHill : 4/29/2021 7:42 pm : link
I have no idea how or why, but I walked away for an hour or so, and when I figured I would bite the bullet and start entering the passwords manually one by one, I discovered that they are now auto-filling.

Carry on.
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