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For those who missed DG on WFAN - on Sirius NFL Radio at 6PM

DCOrange : 5/3/2021 4:03 pm
More than likely a rehash, but one never knows.
Most unknowns of any draft.. especially medicals  
George from PA : 5/3/2021 6:13 pm : link
Zoom meeting actually save time and work pretty well.

Trader Dave...chicago spoke earlier in week with parameters in place...not much further (25)...had 4 guys they wanted available. Toney is unique run after catch....thick runs like a RB. Needs to Work on pass route.

They expect Daniel to help the rookie WR.

Azeez is a 3 down guy....plays big in big spots...knows how to stripe sacks.

Mentally tough kids...due to media circus.

Corner is a great tackler. Good kid...very well teammates

Top 3 immediate contributors.

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