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Friday Transcript: RB Gary Brightwell

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/14/2021 6:50 pm
RB Gary Brightwell

May 14, 2021

Q. Curious how you're viewing your role here, what you're brought in here to do and what they have kind of -- how they have explained it to you.

GARY BRIGHTWELL: My role here is just basically being a football player, just like any other football player. You've got to earn your spot. It's not just given to you. I'm just going to be working on myself day-by-day.

Q. What was it like for you going out there for the first time in the Giants jersey and playing around your teammates as an NFL player? What was that experience like for you today?

GARY BRIGHTWELL: Honestly it was a great experience because you know everybody don't get to have this experience. But I mean, it's great competition. I'm looking forward to competing every day.

Q. When you come to a team that has Saquon Barkley, has he reached out to you? Are you a fan of his? Have you watched him play? Was there any kind of, oh, wow moment when you know you're going to be on a team that also has a Saquon and what can he do for you and what can you do for him as well?

GARY BRIGHTWELL: Honestly right now I'm focusing on myself right now and I'm trying to become a better player myself right now.

Q. Have you had any connection with him or any interaction with him? Has he reached out to you or anything?

GARY BRIGHTWELL: I'm just focused on myself right now.

Q. A lot of people when they come to a new environment, they want to hit the ground running so to speak. How do you balance that out, take it slow, but yet still have that sense of urgency when you go out there to show the coaches, hey, you made the right decision in drafting me?

GARY BRIGHTWELL: Could you repeat that? I didn't -- I didn't really understand that.

Q. It's common practice for people in a new environment they want to hit the ground running and show what they can do and everything. How do you kind of balance that sense of urgency to show the coaches that, hey, you guys made the right decision drafting me with, you know, taking it slow and not overdoing it to where maybe you have mistakes?

GARY BRIGHTWELL: I just feel like as long as I stay patient and just do everything -- as long as I just do my job, everything will show itself. I won't even have to say much.

The rookies answers are all similar, non controversial  
KeoweeFan : 5/14/2021 8:56 pm : link
There are two explanations:
1. They have been coached to the "whatever they want me to do" reply.
2. They are here because they went through the JJ interview sieve, and they are sincere that they will do whatever is asked of them.

Their college coaches seem to reinforce the latter.
I sense JJ is building a TEAM.
Coaching is so noticed.  
SteelGiant : 5/14/2021 10:22 pm : link
It's impressive that judge has already displayed this kind Belicheckian tactic and actually has this kind of buy from players. He has taught them that reporters are going to try their best to create something by asking a questions (attack) and their job is try to play (defense) but not giving them the info they are trying to get.

I wonder if tells them that being a professional football player means you do not letting the reporter win. He could work on his question dodging on Saquan one but he knew that was a trap question and no answer is better than making a mistake with words. Don't fumble the ball and don't fumble your words.
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