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Saturday Transcript: CB Rodarius Williams

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/15/2021 6:33 pm
CB Rodarius Williams

May 15, 2021

Q. What's this been like for you? How different is this experience from what you've kind of been through in college and along the way?

RODARIUS WILLIAMS: Oh, it's been a great experience, you know, as far as getting on the team and everybody competing for a job, whereas in college you got a scholarship. So it's a different environment and a lot of learning.

Q. What kind of advice did your brother give you about what to expect and as a rookie?

RODARIUS WILLIAMS: Take advantage of every opportunity; whether it's a mental rep or a physical rep, take advantage of whatever I'm given.

Q. In terms of the experience, being on the field the last two days, it has to be different when you look out there and you're essentially getting one-on-one work with your position coach. I don't know the last time you can recall being on a field and being in this situation. Do you find a level of comfort? Does it make it easier to adjust quicker because you're getting one-on-one attention?

RODARIUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, that definitely play a role in it, just getting one-on-one help definitely helps you set until and calm down your nervous system as far as being on the field and being in front of the coaches for the first type. Coach Jerome did a great job on just telling me and let me know at the end of the day, it's just football.

Q. Did you anticipate that coming into this rookie mini-camp or did it surprise you yesterday with the amount of coaches versus the numbers of players that were actually out on the field?

RODARIUS WILLIAMS: It was kind of played hand-in-hand. You expected to go out there and compete against other guys. Far as going against coaches and stuff like that, it was definitely different. It was all same learning tools.

Q. Coach Judge was talking a little bit ago about how there were some players he had never met in person before this week. Were you one of those guys or had you been able to meet with him?

RODARIUS WILLIAMS: Can you repeat that one more time.

Q. Coach Juge was talking about how there was a number of players and draft picks that he had never met in person and really had not had a chance to have a conversation with until this weekend. Were you one of those guys or had you -- were you able to speak with him in person in the pre-draft process?

RODARIUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I was one of those persons that Coach Judge hadn't met. We just had conversations over the phone. So this was our first time, first meet-and-greet.

Q. What's that like? Strange situation, they drafted you and you hadn't met the head coach?

RODARIUS WILLIAMS: I was nervous at first but at the end of the day you settle in and getting to know where he is and what he can tolerate around the facility, just learning and adapting to the new system right now.
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